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For Sale:
SOLD - UPOCC silver wire and Mundorf silver / 1% gold wire plus teflon tubing

Will Ship To: US

UPDATE:  Found my old emails from ebay and amazon.
I have 9M of bare 24awg UPOCC silver and 10M of bare 24awg Mundorf silver/1% gold wire with 100' of 20awg teflon tubing.  
I won these off of ebay (tubing from amazon) several years ago and never got around to using them (these were backup supplies).  The bags they came in have never been unsealed.  Unfortunately, I did not label which was which so I don't know which one is which.
My solution is to sell both wires together (plus teflon tubing).  Easily $200 worth of materials for $OLD shipped (US).  I sold off some cables with both materials a couple years ago and both wires got great reviews from their new owners.
Don't see myself making anything out of these wires anytime soon so here they are.
Paypal gift or add in fees.  
No longer taking offers due to confirmation of details and offers that were coming in pretty low.

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