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Looking for best bass-cancelling headphones

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I happen to have hyperacusis, specifically on low bass (& only that). I'm hearing low traffic rumbling very loud.

Ear plugs are great against higher-pitched noise, but bass, not really. I recently got a pair of ATH ANC9 (for the only reason that they gave specs on how low they would go as for cancelling, while other brands didn't), not really thinking it would work.. but it did!


They really helped, they're cancelling bass very well. But they're not perfect. First, they don't fully cancel the rumbling, which is why I'm looking for better (if that exists). Second, they're not very comfortable, and don't sound so amazing (but I come from HD650's, I wasn't really expecting better, even though my favs as for comfort & sound have always been the HD590's but that's another story)


So, knowing that

-I'm only interested in low bass cancelling, from 200hz to as low as possible. The rest, I don't really care (in fact it would be even better if I could hear higher freqs normally)

I assume I will always hear some bass through bone conduction, but still, the problem with the ATH isn't that they don't cancel enough in power, but that sometimes some rumbling passes through, for some reason (either that it's lower than usual, or maybe really because it's louder than usual, hard to know).

-confort matter as second, as I'm wearing them all day (the ATH's are ok-ish, I suppose I won't find better as they have to isolate afterall)

-I don't care at all about the sound (let's say it's more for medical use)

-(I absolutely don't care of how they look)


..anyone knows what would be the best?


As I wrote, brands hardly give any tech detail on noise-cancellation, even their tech support won't (only ATH did), and they're generally too expensive to buy all brands just to test..

Everyone praises the Bose ones as the best noise-cancelling ones, but how low would they go?


Also, anyone knows the best & cheapest piece of hardware I could find to monitor the level of bass? Mics designed for musical use don't even pick any of it, I suppose by design. When you hear what I'm hearing, you don't assume that the problem is in your ears (or brain), it's only when others tell you that they don't hear it, that you start suspecting it. But now if I could make serious measurements..

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You could try contacting Head Room if you are in the USA. They're one of the most technically oriented retailers and might be  able to help:




(Just  don't let them sell you one of their insanely expensive headphone amps!)

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Consider the Sennheiser PXC450 or the Bose QC15. I think the Senn isolates better overall, and I like the comfort but it does have a stronger clamp. The Bose is very comfortable, isolation is good and for low level rumble perhaps better than the Senn. 

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