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1964 Ears V3 vs.V6 as a first custom IEM

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I am new to this forum and about to buy my first CIEM and I was planning to get the V3 from 1964 Ears. Anyway, now that I have prepared the order form and my impressions, I am asking myself, why not the V6? It seems like a pretty good deal for 650 dollars and the reviews are all quite positive. I've read most of the threads on the topic here, but I still am not sure, which one to buy.


It is hard to say, what kind of sound signature, I prefer and I haven't found any frequency response graphs, comparing the two. For universals, my favorites are the Shure SE535 and the Westone UM3X. I have custom silicone sleeves for the SE535, that feel very comfortable, and I want to be sure, that the custom monitor won't be a significant downgrade in terms of sound quality. The other thing, that is equally important, however, is isolation, because >50% of my music listening happens at work in order to keep myself from doing something evil to a particularly chatty colleague, with an extremely loud and unpleasant voice... ;-)


My original plan was to buy a "cheap" CIEM and have my impressions sent back to me, so that I can try out if customs are my thing or not, and then maybe get the JH16 or JH13s with the same fit, if I like them, and just keep the cheaper ones on my desk at work, but now I am thinking, I could also just buy a better one now and then reconsider later, if I need something as crazy expensive as the JH16 at all...


Do you have any thoughts or advice both on the direct comparison between the V3 and the V6 and their similarity to the Shure SE535 or Westone UM3X, or on starting with an entry-level CIEM and upgrading later vs. buying a mid-range one right away? It seems like most people here like their customs (and I like my custom sleeves, and my ears do not have any problems tolerating the deep canal mold), so chances are, I'll like them as well and don't risk too much if I get th V6, but I read on other websites, that acrylic may be less isolating than silicone and when I cannot use it at work, it is not worth buying. Has anyone compared the isolation of their customs against a silicone full concha Sleeve or against the largest size of Comply P tips (the long, dense ones for maximum isolation), you can fit comfortably in your ear? Can you still hear people talking when listening to music at a volume, that still allows you to concentrate?


Is there anything else, I should consider to decide between the two?


Thank you in advance for any buying advice... 

(... and if you have any other (non-violent) solutions against office noise, I'll take those, as well... ;-)  )

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May be worth posting in this thread here in case you missed it :-





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