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Hello everyone, I'm freshly joined and hoping someone could give me guidance as I choose my headphones.

Up until now I have been using these phillips headphones (they kicked the bucket on me after 1.5 yrs),


As implied in the title I am looking at the Shure SRH 440, KRK KNS 6400, and Fostex T40RPmkII. As someone who listens mainly to jazz, blues, classical, folk, indie, etc. as well as rock and even the occasional metal or punk band, I am looking for a balanced sound. What gets me is a nice, balanced bass with good texturing, and natural sounding mids/highs (when the guitar plays an E2, I want to hear that beautiful texture, when the clarinet plays a D3, I want to hear the rosewood in its tone).


In other words I'm not in to artificially pumped or damped sound, really in any way. I love to hear everything my music and instruments can provide in and of themselves. I think I want the closed headphone style as I am in college and isolation is necessary sometimes. I use my headphones out and about as well, not just at home. I've been creeping the forums for a while now, so I believe I want one of these, but I'm definitely open to suggestions.


Guidance on my first foray into the audiophile world will be greatly appreciated.


Price point

$100 (saving game here)



Vinyl records, mp3+phone, computer

various genres

walking about outside, library, dorm room, everywhere essentially



Thank you in advance