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KingRex PSU MKii 7.5V @ 3A DEMO
Regular Price $419.00
The Kingrex PSU MKii is an upgrade Linear power supply for the UC384 and UD384 USB Dac in 7.5V @ 3A. This upgrade power option adds another level of detail and resolution to the Dac
\The Kingrex PSU MKii power supply unit is available in a Variety of output voltages. Such as 12V, 9V, 7.5V, 5V.  The 7.5v for use with the KingRex UD384 and & UC384. Other versions can be special ordered.
The 5V version can power the Calyx DAC 24/192, Squeezebox Touch, Onkyo ND-S1 iPod Transport, etc.  
The 9V version would power a Squeezebox receiver Squeezebox Classic/Duet, M2Tech EVO (7~11V) 
The 13V version can power the KingRex T20U, Acoustic Revive RR-77, Nuforce icon, Wadia 170i /171i, TC Electronic Konnekt, 8 Nuforce icon II, Chordette Toucan, Squeeze box boom, ECHO AUDIOFIRE,4 Nuforce HDP, My audio X-02, Cambridge DAC magic, Simaudio Moon 110 LP and  Musical Fidelity Vdac mk2 DAC
Inside the PSU Mk2 there's a 48VA toroidal transformer, a regulated power-stabilizing circuit with 8 capacitors, 5 x 2200μF at AC input stage and 3 x 4700uF at DC outputstage. 6N Furukawa PCOCC wiring through out.  The unit has a 3 pin Neutrik DC connection on the PSU side to DC jack (electronic side). The included DC jack is a5mm external, 2mm internal type
The switching power adaptor is the most convenient and common power source however it is not a good selection for the music connoisseur who prefers sonic performance over convenience as it has the most noise and distribution due to the high-frequency switching and harmonics in its design.
The linear power supply is a better choice for audiophiles. It has less noise and distortion than the switching power adaptor, however, during the AC to DC conversion and rectification process, there is still minute amounts of unavoidable noise and distortion. That’s because the AC power is required to traverse significant circuitry such as transformer, diodes, voltage regulators, and other components.

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