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Sensitive IEM are pretty all OK with integrated laptop soundcard, and don't need further amplifications... Having tried the HD650 on my laptop, the sound was anemic and seriously needed the explorer.


That doesn't sounds pathetic but that is far from the original cabale tone that was going around here thx to the plotters.

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How much $ $ ?

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Hey guys, 


do you observe any differences/changes in sound reproduction (negative/positive) with firmware v1349?


I would may imagine someone, but I am not sure.


Is there a way to go back to firmware v1347?




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Does this require ALSA driver version 1.0.23 or higher or is it 1.0.32 or higher? I checked with Ubuntu's ALSA version and it is 1.0.25 for Raring Ringtail and the forthcoming Saucy Salamander. According to the Meridian website, they list ALSA version 1.0.23 or higher. ALSA version 1.0.32 is not even mentioned on the ALSA website yet. I'm confused because people are saying that Meridian has a typo error, but I doubt that is the case because the ALSA website does not list anything higher than version 1.0.27 which is in development right now.


Has anyone tried the Meridian Explorer with Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit Raring Ringtail? Do I have to use alsamixer in the terminal by pressing F6 to select the device and set the volume level? How do I configure Clementine or Rythmbox or DeadBeef to use the Meridian Explorer?


Should I consider the CEntrance DACPort as an alternative? I know it will work with the Raring Ringtail, but it does not offer 24 bit 192 kHz resolution.

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New Meridian Product. Director USB DAC.

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Interesting - not finding any information on where this departs from the Explorer. In other words, what's the difference / benefit etc.

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Upsampling and apodizing is the main difference, along with the benefit of being able to accept toslink and coaxial inputs alongside the standard USB that the Explorer had.

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Hi Guys - The Press embargo just ended at 7:00AM Eastern. Try another Google search and you should fine more reviews and information about the new Director. 

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Hello All,


My review is on my site - http://audiophilereview.com/cd-dac-digital/the-new-meridian-director.html


I think Meridian will sell a few...

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Apols, Steven and others - felt this deserved its own thread:




Back to the Explorer  :D

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Hi, im new to this board and also only just starting to get into this hobby. To start I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD598 and playing through my macbook pro with iTunes. Was thinking of getting the ME as the next step. Just wondering if anyone else has used the HD598 with the Explorer? Thanks

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That is a very big price. A lot more than Fostex A3. I know the small size of Dacport, Dragonfly etc is part of the sell but all the same.

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Anyone successful in using their meridian explorer with powered usb hub and ipad?  

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Never mind, got it working on ipad.  yeah! 

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