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IEMs for small ears

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I just bought a pair of Shure SE215 but they hurt (a lot) my very small ears (inside) unfortunately... what do you recommend? (I'd use them for gaming, below 100$)

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Have you tried tip-rolling? I have small ears too and SE215 fit snugly in my ears with the foam tips.


If that doesn't work, take a look at Klipsch X10; that thing is super tiny as it's like, $90 nowadays.

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Another small eared person! I usually go by the size of Comply's they fit (T-100 is the smallest, 200s are uncomfortable for me). Also if the IEM takes Sony hybrid tips - you can buy a pack with different sizes which include a super small (SS) size.


So look around, Deadlovestory already suggested Klipsch's which take the T-100s! Etymotic's have small tips as well. Brainwavz B2s are small too. Jays also make a very small earphone IIRC just for small eared people, but they don't include a mic and remote if you need that.


However, Shure tips are quite small (my SE 535s had the T-100s), so maybe you might want to look at changing the tips and see if that improves comfort first.

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Rather than the foamy tips (which tend to be larger so they can be compressed), you might try looking at either Shure or Etymotic multi-flange tips that will allow insertion in smaller ear canals.  I use the Ety gray-ish 3-flange tips on my ER4 and they are perfect -- and Ety tips will fit the Shure SE215 nozzle.

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Do you guys think Sony MH1C would hurt my ears?

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