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Denon AH-D2000 Screw Broken. Right cup fallen off! Help!

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Hi! I've had my D2K's for a while now and I was listening to them the other day when suddenly the screw holding the right cup onto the phones themselves broke. This is a common problem and after hours of research I haven't found any very descriptive tutorials on how to fix the issue.

I have compiled some pictures of other headphones that have had the same problem. Here are links to those photos:





I have read about people buying alternative screws at hardware stores but I am no screw expert and wouldn't have the slightest clue of what to look for. I'd greatly appreciate some help on this issue! Thank you!

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I've had the same issue, but this thread allowed me to order replacement parts:



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Thank you very much! But before I order them does anyone have any other solutions?

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I have been using these headphones to do edits and mixing for Music production and Video post production for years now. They have great sound performance but the mechanical design is poor where the cups are attached. I'm assuming that's why Denon has stopped selling this model. There are two ways to solve this problem. One option is to call denon parts at 201-762-6391 and order new screws. I recently bought two complete sets of screws and associated washers/nuts/housings/caps because I really like these headphones and I want to keep them functioning with original parts. I installed the new parts using a low grip locktite on the nut. I'm the only one using them in the control room or anywhere else so I dont see them breaking often. I have some bulletproof Sony's in the live room for performers to use as a reference. But they do not have the frequency response required for serious audio mixes. The other option is to modify the cup attachment to include a more robust (thicker) screw that will withstand more stress. That's my plan after I go through the spare parts I bought. I hope this posting helps...

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You can use 2 zipties and the original pin that allows it to hinge like I did. Works just as it did b4. Not the most aesthetically pleasing option but that will work temporarily.
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This really sucks hard, guys. Happend way too much ppl...

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Awesome, thanks for idea. Put this on my personal lifehacks list ;)

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This problem can easily be fixed with these screws bought at home depot or Lowes.


Hillman 491321

Machine screws

Flat Phillips with Nuts

#4-40 x 1in


they fit perfectly.


cost $1.20

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