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For Sale: FS:Denon D7100

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For Sale:
FS:Denon D7100

Will Ship To: United States

Selling my new headphone which was purchased on Oct, 2012 , with original box and all the accessories (showed in the picture)

The headphone looks like new but with a little scratch on the left. Actually,  it's hard to be noticed only if you gaze at it in hard light( showed in the picture

Expect for those details i have to mention for my responsibility, over all, it's still in a good condition.

I sell it because i plan to change my direction to speakers.


The price include the Paypal and shipping fee within United States( only ship in US), i will ship within one day of receiving payment( through paypal)



Thanks for looking.

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Sorry dude, brand new for $789.00 at


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....OMG, I purchased it almost at $12,000

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u mean 1200?

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sorry,too frightened to heard that.....The price is still $1,198 now. I chose the one sold by Amazon cause i didn't trust the private seller.

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AlanAudio, How about or, this morning it's $999.00. :)

Did you actually shop for the best price ? usually JR Audio gives you good discount.


When AH-D7000 was $999+tax, I called JR and got an offer for $625(including tax) plus $15 shipping.

Point is, call the sale rep and try to bring down the price. :) hope this helps :)

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I love my demon ah-d 7100 but some reason they don't get love in head-fi. Maybe you should put this on eBay
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Where exactly is this "scratch" on the left?

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Have you tried putting these on Amazon?  I've had good luck there...

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I am interested, just contemplating. Might get a pm soon.

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Originally Posted by dlalfjf1234 View Post

I love my demon ah-d 7100 but some reason they don't get love in head-fi. Maybe you should put this on eBay

+1 I think they are a wonderful pair of headphones. I have been enjoying them since I bought them. Most of the people on Head-Fi have not given them a chance. They shine with atleast 100hrs of burn-in. I put them on and find myself almost like listening to speakers. Awesome.

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