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For Sale: FS: Beyerdynamic T5p

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Beyerdynamic T5p

Will Ship To: United States

Hi all,


Today I am selling my beloved T5p. It's been slightly moddified to accept a detachable cable. All I did was removed the right angle jack and install a 4 pin mini XLR. I have a 2ft add-on cable that is from an HD-25, so it's a screwable 3.5mm jack. I also have a second cable that allows balanced user via 4 pin XLR. I can easily reverse this for you if you want. The headphone is in mint condition and works perfectly. It comes with the original box, metal storage tin, manuals, but I am lacking the receipt. I purchased this directly from beyerdynamic after I did a review of it.


I want to sell it so I can buy a Wii U and a new entertainment center. What can I say, I am a gamer. I need more room.


All I want is SOLD, this includes priority shipping as well as insurance and delivery confirmation. The headphones can be dispatched by Wednesday or Thursday. I am quite busy lately but I will make an attempt to get them out sooner.


This is for the USA only, so please, no inquiries into foreign shipping.

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Hey there,


Any takers yet? This is quite the bargain!

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Still no takers?

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Still up and are for sale. These are the cheapest you will ever see a T5p in like new condition.

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Why no international shipping? You have a buyer over here...

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I might take it in a couple of weeks.
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PM sent

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