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Looking for DIY opinions.

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I'm trying to make the absolute lightest pair of headphones while using 53mm drivers. What I am creating now is simply because the design works with almost no effort. I'm trying a lot of stuff for the first time. Only soldered 2 times prior, never used 2 part epoxy and never designed a pair of headphones.

This is the base I am using

What it looks like all stripped down with grill on

The drivers setup to be soldered

Here is the drivers "alive". I was trying to make it look cool with manual focus and not only failed on that but the camera wasn't close enough to pick up the audio well.

Gluing the Drivers.. Such a mess.. God this stuff smells sooo badddd

I put epoxy around the housing and the driver. Not sure how well its gonna hold and figure this might help it to last longer. This is ugly i know, but for a first time I don't recall care.

The end result

I thought I could use the strain reliefs but they wouldn't fit.. oh well

The end result is a pair of headphones I really like. They use the ad700 drivers so I knew from the start they would lack bass. I turned up the bass by +4dbs and they hit the sweet spot. Satisfying bass while good mid/highs. The only thing I wish I could have done differently is push the drivers back a little.
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I would not have used glue just yet, but something removable if the plan failed.  The design does work, although it's not very pretty.

Maybe cutting circles into the headband would shave off a few grams, but would lead to potential weak spots.

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Everything included is 4.2oz (119.1g) which is extremely light.

Here is a list of things I'd do differently:

Buy a dremel so I could make clean cuts and use sheets of polycarbonate

Go to staples or amazon and buy a mesh mail sorts for the rear grill

Use a pair of headphones that will allow the driver to be completely open, maybe sony mdr v150?

Use a small foam paintbrush to apply the 2 part epoxy. I know it would ruin it but they are like $2 a pop and would put the glue on evenly and cleanly.

Try and find some nice 60-70mm velour pads. Hd 25's look nice but the inner circumference seems restrictive, the driver needs to be able to shine.

Maybe with a headband pad too?

Also find either a black 2 part epoxy or use dye with the stuff I currently used and brush it on all of the headset. It stays flexable yet impossible to break. This hopefully would bring strength to a light pair of headphones that aren't known for strength
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I am gonna scrap that idea, now I'm working on trying to create mini head-set version of the Sony F1's


Gonna turn it into something like this, make it over the head instead of behind and change it from single cable to dual. I also plan to replace the drivers with prob the ad500 or maybe the koss75's.

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