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Pioneer SX-6 Stereo stopped working

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On advice from another, I thought I'd try my luck here.


So I powered up my stereo up the other day, I heard a pop from the speakers and then nothing. No sound. The tuner and buttons still works. No output from headphone jack either. The fuse appears fine. Before this problem, sometimes I would go to change the volume and a static shock from my finger would reset it. So there may have been a grounding issue before anyway.


The detailed and thoroughly explaining schematic is here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?3f5evqpdd3p3dmr


Any help is appreciated.

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Hello -The Canadian- Looking at the circuit. I am scratching my head as to the fuse you talk about

The earlier out-put had a fuse but your circuit has a DC high offset cut-off  circuit. It is worth trying to test round that circuit it contain a relay cut-out. Could be a fault in one of the Transistors[blown] in the main amp circuit. Or even a fault in the circuit itself.Using a multi-meter test the out put of the amp for DC.if offset protection circuit faulty]  Otherwise test all voltages from power supply to main amp- if okay then looks like fault in one of the active devices. start from the output back -if you have no test equipment/ otherwise connect AF signal generator to input and borrow an O scope and work your way through. But in a lot of cases I repaired its usually blown out-put devices. Easily checked using an ANALOGUE meter-positive  prod to base of PNP device measure small resistance each way---negative prod to base if NPN -measure small resistance each way- Any S/C or near it =faulty. Get back for any more info.

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