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HHB makes rack professional CDR, similar to Tascam, have one in my rack, bought used, so far only used it as a player

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Originally Posted by kcee View Post

This has been a huge plan of mine for some time, going back even 5-6 years.
After going through tons and tons of different variations on hardware software etc. Having many headaches along the line.

I finally have a setup I find to be as close to ideal as I have heard, without getting into stupid amounts of money.

I have tried so many adc's from 100 dollars to the 2500 dollar m2tech joplin. Which I returned, what a god-awful piece of crap that was. I am not going to even get started.

Anyways for me one of the hugest gripes I had when ripping vinyl was background noise and record surface noises.
Alot of phono pre's can make your setup sing through an amp, but do they produce a clean background and have clean power...usually no.

Clean records are one key point. Get a record cleaner, if you have over 150 records it is worth it. You can get used ones cheaper than you think.
The other huge point for me was battery power, taking everything off the grid.
I do not have particularly bad power where I am but let me tell you, as I started to update all my items with battery power. The change in sound was staggering.

Literally my entire vinyl rig is battery powered now.

Turntable has an rwa power supply, I use the Clearaudio Basic+ Phono Pre with battery power supply. Which is honestly one of the best phono pre's I have heard for clean sound.
Even without the battery power it was amazing, but adding the battery power supply was next level good. I have used an rsa xr-10b (4500 usd) praised for its quiet clean background, also had a simaudio moon 310lp and 320s (3300 usd) power supply which was amazingly quiet but still. I prefer the basic+ on battery to them all especially for ripping.
My adc of choice is the apogee duet 2, which I have running on battery power and my laptop Macbook pro is unplugged.

Once I did that, My rips where sounding very close to perfect. There was a lot of tweaking and messing around with stuff along the way.
I swear, if you want clean rips where the background almost sounds non-existant go battery powered.

I got almost everything I have used too, so it was about half as much as it would be really. Ebay, audiogon and here and just be patient.


I know it has been a while, but I have to agree with reeltime in saying that this is one of the most useful posts that I have read in a long time! 


I am a DJ who buys a lot of house and techno records. The records I buy on vinyl are usually vinyl-only releases and mostly limited to a few hundred copies without a repress. Since I use these records in club environments, which are far from ideal for the longevity of them, their sound qualities deteriorate rather quickly! I have played around with the idea of digitizing them right after purchase as a back-up solution for a long time now. However, I never really found any kind of info on that topic that got me feeling that’s the way to go, until I came upon your excellent post! So thanks again!


Anyway, I still have a couple of questions regarding the proper hardware set-up. I have a Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable at home. Assuming I have it hooked up to battery power, is this a good turntable for this use? Which cartridge and needle would you recommend? And also, how did you hook up your turntable to battery power? Is there an off-the-shelf solution or will I have to get something custom-made?


Thanks in advance for any kind of help! 

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