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Hi-end Portable Use

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I'm interested in getting high quality over the ear headphones that I can travel with and use with portable music players.  I was looking at Sennheiser Momentum and Ultrasone Edition 8 S-Logic Plus.  Any thoughts?  Any others to consider?  Thanks!

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1) Are the looks of the headphone important?

2) What do you mean by travelling? As a pedestrian? Flying? Or just chilling out in a sofa at the hotel?

3) What do you want to drive them with? An external amp/dac or just "any" digital media player, like e.g. an iPod?

4) Price? How much are you looking to spend?

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If the size isn't a problem, Momentums are great. 

So are Sony MDR-R1 and UE6000.

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I want the ability to take them with me when I travel.  I sometimes will use them on the airplane but that is not the biggest use.  For the most part, my order of priorities are:


1- Sound quality across genres and driven by iphone or pc w/o amp

2- Portability (& Durability)

3- Looks


When it comes to cost, I don't want to spend $ on something that isn't worth it but I am willing to spend a lot for the quality.  That is what drove me to the Ultrasone.

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And what about the Crossfade M-100 and the AKG K550?

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Consider the Sennheiser amperior. cool.gif

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