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The problem is, I tried it with 3 different soundcards.


1.Realtek 898(highest and best onboard sound) and didecated amplifiers in the motherboard(up to 600ohm).

2.Creative Titanium HD (highest creative soundcard).

3.Creative Sound Blaster Z (dedicated 600ohm amplifiers).



All 3 of them have the EXACT same distortion.


With 2 brand new DT770.


Can you please explain that ?

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After a little reading, I find the specs hard to compare.


The Creative Titanium specs say it will output 1 Volt RMS which is not really what you measure output power in.... My little Fiio is only spec'd to 150mW, so I know what that means


Then again, the 150wW is at 32 ohms, and the 1W RMS is at 330ohms. I can't see the output impedance for the Creative, could be too high (should be low for lower impedance headphones), but this would make it incompatible with many generic headphones so I don't imagine that.


I think the best guess answer is you are pushing them harder (louder) than they were designed for. I'm still not convinced that its not something to do with your PC (how can I possibly ever rule this out), but as you have mentioned your levels are loud, it makes sense that you're asking the speakers to extend past their xmas (maximum excursion).


Wait... The Realtek 898 is a chip, not a card... what is the amplifier? what is the power rating (in Watts or milliwatts)






Quote: "We also have to clarify that although this card has a headphone output, this design does not have a headphones amplifier."


I think you need to find out if a properly amplified source is making your headphones max out or if you are underpowering them. By googing "sound blaster x-fi titanium hd headphone", the auto fill adds amp, so I think you are seeing that its designed to be paired with an amp.


I'm not an expert, I don't have many posts, but if you are not seeing mW specs on the soundcard, I don't know how we can tell you much...


Hope this helps, hope someone with real knowledge chimes in.

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Okay since the headphones still lying on the ground (waiting for UPS man to pick it up tomorrow) I wanted to give them another try since I got nothing else to do LOL.


Okay this is really wierd but the sound is 10x better(no idea how or what I did wrong) but I swear to god the sound is soooooo much better.


I think I will keep them......but one thing that is really extremely annoying is the cable...hmm I can't change it right ?


With this EQ provided in the picture below, I can get the same BASS as the DT770  with higher quality sound and better soundstage and most importantly NO DISTORTION !!!!!!!!!!!



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Originally Posted by SKilleT View Post

Yeh But I now left the on board sound card and bought the SB Z...


Any thought of the Aurvana Live and XB 500 ? which one is better for gaming/music/bass ?

I've owned both headphones, I think the CALs (Creative Aurvana Live, 32-Ohm) do have a nice sound and I did not like the sound of the XB500s.

The XB500 will have more bass, but I think the CALs would be a better choice for all around sound

One thing I do not like about the CALs is the small cups, It's feels like the diaphragm is sitting about 2mm from my ears

So I can only wear the CALS for around 15 minutes before my ears need a rest.

Currently my pick for headphones under $100 is the Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80), good sound and i can wear them for a long time.

They are 60-Ohms


I'm guessing the SB Z's headphone output has a 10-Ohm impedance.

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Thanks for the help I really appreciate it but look at my post above :)


I fixed it....there was something wrong but now they sound extremely amazing !


again thank you all !

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