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The LAST Song

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Perhaps this is a little off OT or perhaps not, but I put it in "High-end" as it asks about your ultimate/final set up. 

You are nearing the end of your life and your time on earth is but an hour or so away. Because of your love of music you want to hear one last song or album. 


What is your song/album? 

What is the headphone and amp you want to hear it through for the very last time? 

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If I had a choice, listening to music in my last hour would not be one readily coming to mind. If I didn't have a choice, and had to listen to music, it would be Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely. Now there's some torch songs to set the mood for the impending doom. But it must be from the UK 21-CD set.


Edit: Amp, something with tubes, like a Woo 22 or something similar, and a LCD-3. Reason being, at that point I'd take euphonic over technical accuracy.

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The End - The Doors


But it has to be from the new Analogue Productions 45s...and like mwilson I'd want something like the Leben and some good speakers.

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It would either be:

Bach - Six Suites for Solo Cello, the 1970's recording by Anner Bylsma on RCA-Seon,


Beethoven -Piano Sonata #14, "Moonlight" played by Ronald Brautigam on the BIS label, in HiRez.

Or maybe:

Miles Davis Complete Friday & Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, the Mosaic box set LPs.
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Who wants to live forever- Queen.  LCd-3's with a B-52


Or Fly Me to the Moon 

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