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Originally Posted by as.we.proceed View Post

So then these are not light on mid bass as someone suggested.


What particular discrepancies are there between the 55 and 99?


i wonder what the 77 is about.

I suspect the WS77 will have what I am gonna guess to be around 90% of the tuning of these WS99.. So somewhere between the older Ws55 and the WS99 in sound and refinement. The WS77 are getting some buzz in Japan for their sound as well. But for a little more these WS99 can be had..


In comparison to my Ws55.. These WS99 is refined X3 over them. The bass the extension the definition and even better balanced. For guys that used to own the WS55. I can not recommend a better can for you. The WS99 is what I consider an audiophile bass head can. There is no other way to describe their sound.

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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

I don't know why U keep thinking the es7 comes close.
I owned three es7 and they were good but no way should it come close to anything here.
My esw9 kicked its but in detail and overall sound.


I was actually comparing the ES7 with the WS99 and the ES700. As I haven't had a chance to listen to the latter 2, I can only derive the sound quality in reference to the ES7.


So, in this instance, are you saying that the ES7 is out of its league when compared with the WS99 and ES700?


Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

Sub bass quality and quantity is CLUB level. I will venture to guess on a similar level to the XB cans in the sub bass arena. That full bore bass you hear at clubs are very well represented here..I know previous cheaper bass cans gives out gobs of bass just to say they have extra bass but none touch the level of overall refinement I am hearing on these cans. I am very eager for Danny to get these so he can let all of us know how these stack up to his M-100 and his Tiestos.. I am thinking these 2 cans might be more closer to the level of sound these WS99 have. He will let us know.


I only wish my D2000 had the lush full deep mids of these cans. Lol. That can is representative of the old school V fun bass signature..These WS99 leaves the Denons behind for their balance alone let alone an actual deeper more richer sound. The sub bass on the D2000 is commendable but the quantity and quality on the WS99 is a step above them in this area and with much faster speed.


The sub-bass presentation of the XB cans are remarkable, and if the WS99 is anywhere close to them in reproducing that sub-bass rumble and reach, then they are very much worth a try. Like I mentioned earlier, the WS55 is an impressive can for its price, and if the WS99 is a true performance upgrade, they should be great sounding cans.

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Fine, fine! i'm getting these. Outside Japan, AT's don't seem to quickly come down in price like some others do.


Not a little more, the 99 is $75-95 more than the 77. Maybe i'll end up with both to complete the collection.


I hope the bass is as quick and tight as it is with the 55.

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It is and thensome.


Ok so one observation I noticed. These having ATs biggest drivers being 53mm.  I noticed the ES700 being a true portable drives much more easily using a standard Dap.  The WS99 while also easy to drive for full sized cans do sound much fuller and more dynamic with more power behind them. I am sure you guys could have guessed that one but just an observation..

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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

....I kinda hate V-shaped sound (hollow, thin/lack of lushness, bright) as much as a too dark veiled highs (muddy, thick, warm) sound with a bassy can, it's important that the mids & highs are on a fairly even level. ..

DT770 Pro, D1100, LP2 for example all weren't very enjoyable for me due to not good enough mids & highs balance. I can appriciate slightly warm (actually slight warmth is welcome) better than slightly cold/bright sound, for me it's all about the mids vs highs balance when speaking of warmth or cold sound signatures...
This is exactly how I see it and agree with your preference in sound.
I had the LP but the bass overshadowed all and left a dark signature without the highs.

I also was fooled in other areas.
The Monster DNAs fooled me into loving their unnaturally boosted mids, but once the honeymoon was over,
I realized how their signature was not realistic.
Boosted mids and artificial sounding treble with good bass extension made for a very forward engaging sound.
A seductive yet non realistic sound.
Lucky I owned better midrange cans like the es7,
Then the esw9 wich were a more refined, richer sound, but too laid back for my taste tho.

I also experienced this description of a "hollw/thin" or "lack of lushness" in V-shaped phones.
The koss 100 & tiesto comes to mind.
Although the tiesto k167 had very impressive bass.
Deep and fast, but not heavy or loud.
It made the mids obviously recessed with its sparkling nice treble.
Yet the k167 bass was not as thick and strong as the m100,
wich, by the way, are also rich and satisfying and integrates well into its rich mids and highs.
The m100 cans make many other closed cans sound anemic in all areas and are the cans to beat.

So the all important mids and highs need to be there to sound real, and to me the m80 & m100 have that real midrange presence & lushness with complimentary highs.
I would say to me the m80 has the best mids over anything I had so far.
So looking forward to having an audio technica back into my rotating collection lol.
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I had the WS99 for about two weeks and I felt like the sub-bass was lacking.  With all the EDM music I was listening to it always felt like something was missing. The mid bass did sound fantastic though, it had so much kick to it yet it was very precise sounding.  Interested in hearing Danny's impression in comparison to the M100.

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Let me ask you what is your source.? Cus out of my Fire Phoenix the last thing that is lacking on these cans is the sub bass. Lol.


I am gonna tell you right now if you don't have an amp to power these big boy drivers. It is your source. These aren't like a 13mm dynamic earphone like a CKS77 where you don't need an amp for full bass. These use one of the biggest in a 53mm.. Your standard clip or MP3 player is not gonna have the juice to power these right at all especially if you want that full low end... The sub bass on these cans are glorious. Believe me I have my share of bass cans. These are no where even close to being weak in that department. You just got to power them correct.

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I was using both my computer and my iphone as my source.  I didn't really want to have to buy an amp to enjoy 250$ cans fully.

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That's odd.  The M100 is rated at 32ohm and WS99 at 37ohm.  I haven't ordered the WS99's yet but the M100's are very easy to drive.  

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Originally Posted by Rangen4life4 View Post

I was using both my computer and my iphone as my source.  I didn't really want to have to buy an amp to enjoy 250$ cans fully.

Ya so now I know what is happening here..I was wondering what you was hearing. Lol  Believe me you have not heard these at 75% of their potential..I think the cans you should have gotten was the WS77 as those will drive with much volume just fine from your sources I bet even sound fuller and even louder with more sub bass..With bigger full sized cans and 53mm drivers even though it is rated at 37 Ohms a lower impedance rated cans. These expand to more power like you have no idea.. A Fiio E11 cost $55. If you know someone with a much more powerful source. You need to try your WS99 cans out on it. It will shock you I am willing to bet on it.

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Unfortunately I have sold them already, but I have a pair of m100s on their way. I hope I won't be disappointed.

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Impedance rating is kinda funky I have some 50 Ohm cans that drive easier than 32 Ohm rated cans.. The WS99 drives fine from portable sources but talk about scaling. My initial impressions I will update on the OP was using my Fire Phoenix DAC AMP. Not the most powerful by any means but the sound I was getting out of that with these cans was a moment of importance for me.Lol.


Aha sold the cans before actually hearing what they truly are about..  The M100 should do well for you.

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Well I didn't want to have to buy an amp, so you gotta understand :P.  I did like them it just sucked having that feeling of something's missing.  Not to mention the vocals were a tad bit recessed which drove me nuts haha.

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There's no recessed nothing on these cans. I can hear.

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I felt like the male vocals were recessed, but hey sound is subjective.

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