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Originally Posted by slowpickr View Post

Tyll posted the below statement in a January 2015 update on InnerFidelity:


Audio Technica ATH-WS99 - A somewhat thick and murky bass to mid transition mars this otherwise pretty good little headphone. Priced a bit too high as well.
Read more at http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelity-update-january-2015#7PTAFRVRRlizyD41.99


Does everyone here agree about the bass to mid transition criticism?  I'm really enjoying the WS99 and don't have any issues with the sound.  I don't have trained ears like some of you guys though.

I can see where this is coming from - the tuning, also a bit of feebleness can be felt in the 100hz area on tunes with bass resonance there, but that might be my unamped-ness (there is a peak in impendance right there and it might be causing it, if I am understanding the concept correctly). 

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You can get it for 100 euro on ebay and it sounds amazing dude do not listen to Innerfidelity i think that guy sucks with most of his headphone choices and his knowledge,this is a wolf in sheepsclothing and also a good allrounder far better then a lot of headphones,but you need a portable amp with good bassboost to let them shine......
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