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About earpads replacement I wanted to say that I must apologize for not having believed that the HM5 would work.
They do not only work, they are amazing.

I have improved them even more.

It is for the ATH-WS99BT but as far as I know the dimensions are exactly the same so it would work on the wired WS99 too:


And thanks to whoever suggested the Kicker Cush earpads.
I prefer the HM5 but the Cush work well too, specially once stuffed from inside. The inner diameter is 1cm more than the stock ATH pads, and they are thicker. The bass and soundstage, and I would say sound in general, is improved.

For those wanting to use them outdoors the HM5 could be too big, so, Cush, AKG K845BT and HM9 earpads are the best way.

I will update the info as soon as I get the HM9 and the AKG.

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