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Hello guys, I have got a pair of ATH-WS99BT. Damn, I did not know they are semiclosed. Now I understand why on the bus that old woman was shaking the head like to say "these wasted young people disturbing all the time".

Anyway, i had to get rid of my Fidelio M2BT, and I needed something with a comparable bass.

Personally I still prefer the bass of the Fidelio. I do not think there is a wired version, but you can use the BT also wired and it performs even better.

The AT have some less body in the bass, and some less depth.

But for the rest they beat the Fidelio, and in some parts of the bass too. So, I am satisfied.


The problem is, as many other people stated, the pads. For me it is not a huge problem, my ears are small. But they still touch the grid.

I have been very disciplined and did a search and read 10 pages of comments.

Can it be that the only solution is this HM5??? THey are not even round. How can they possible perfectly seal?


Are there any alternatives, round ones?

There must be something with all the 53 driver headphones around.


Trust me on this one, my ears were paining so much with the stock pads so I decided to try out the HM5 pads. They are so comfy that i'm never going back to stock pads again! 


The HM5 pads are oval and big, so they will fit completely around your ear. And they've got some padding as well, so your ears won't touch the drivers.