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Sennheiser headphones. Soundcard/amp? Please Help

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Hey everyone.. I've posted a couple places and haven't received any information on the subject.. 


A friend and I are in the market for headphone amps and sound cards and would love any suggestions or advice to get the best bang for buck and sound quality


I am rockin' the Sennheiser HD 558's and am interested in soundcard/amp but have no idea where to start. The headphones sound great as is but the volume is a bit low with my onboard



My friend is mainly wanting a soundcard and again we don't know what to do with.. I only see two brands and both have some big flaws from what ive been reading.. either doesn't show much difference or issues with drivers.


My friend has the Sennheiser PC 350's..



Sorry if this is in the wrong area but I am wanting to get the ball rolling on better sound :x



Thanks in advance to any advice/suggestions

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Budget? And when you say sound card, are you thinking external or internal?
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for soundcard and amp budget of around 200 for both or just sound card around 80-160$


Internal to plug into motherboard

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I'd look at the Schiit Modi and Magni external DAC and headphone amplifier since it sounds like you probably have already been looking at the popular internal sound cards: http://www.head-fi.org/t/640774/this-schiit-is-bananas-99-schiit-magni-amp-and-99-modi-dac
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I will look at them and read about them thankyou.. and I assume these offer the same thing as an internal sound card? If these help with sound quality and volume im all for them and will probably be picking them up


and what is DAC? :| 

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A DAC is a digital audio converter. All sound cards have DAC functionality. With the Modi/Magni, the DAC is in a separate unit all its own.
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Gotcha thanks! so a soundcard is really just a DAC and amp in one? Ill stop with the questions just trying to understand this.. been reading these forums all night thanks again!

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A soundcard doesn't always have a headphone amp. That's the problem with why soundcards may not sound good with headphones. Some sound cards are just setup to output line level output that would go do an amplifier or powered set of speakers.
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