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Hi. I decided to stop using a smartphone and get a dumbphone. (Saves $360/yr, with which I can probably get a decent pair of headphones).


Right now I use the Sennheiser 439, and the audio quality from the phone (upgraded with a 32GB microSD) is pretty bad. There are statics, buzzing. The only way I can have decent music if I put earplugs in my ears and listen to some ambient music. Classical and jazz are no-go.


I currently have a micro USB to 3.5 mm adapter (phone doesn't have a 3.5mm port). Would using a cheap headphone amp remedy these issues? Also, do headphone amps reduce electromagnetic interference and improve SNR (I"m not a big audiophile, but my understanding is that the background sibilant white-noise-like sound is due to bad SNR, is that right?)


Thank you