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Hi!I have a budget of 250$.Can you recommand me a pair of headphones with powerful bass and sound clarity excelenta.I want more options...Thank you!:)

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Welcome to Head-fi


Can you list your music genres? where are you plugging your headphones? it is for music listening only? gaming? 


(i suggest you change your thread title to something more specific, so people will come to give advice)

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Especially dubstep,hip-hop and rock:)

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I am also looking for headphones at that price range. I've been mostly looking at the Ultrasone Hfi-580 and Shure srh-840. Both these go between 180-230 here in Canada. I'm going to use them for monitoring hip-hip/rap songs as well as dubstep. How do these both compare with each other?

And a buddy of mine has some beats pro's for $200 cash...

Which route would be best?
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Ultrasones (hfi 780 or pro 750) would probably be what ylu want unless you can't deal with brightness or the long burn in. Another option would be the dt770 though they depend on what your running these with.

Edit-Also AKG k550 and Philip L1 can be found around $250,both I recommend over those
I previously mentioned but aren't as good for dubstep IMO as the Ultrasones.
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I'd recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohm plus a Fiio E12 portable amp. Might be a little bit over budget, but I think the combo sounds pretty good. Most of the well-liked headphones here will probably seem too light on the bass for you until you get used to good headphones. The DT770 80 Ohm has pretty punchy and prominent bass without straying too far from being an audiophile friendly headphone.

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Oh and Dan, I think the Beats Pro would be a poor choice for the price, even at that price.

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How about the Ultrasone Dj1 Pro or Pro 550?
Those are the only models I can easily find around here... We don't have a very good variety.
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I apologise for the late response,the hfi 580 would work and has more bass than the others I recommended. They are IMO a bit lower in overall SQ and not as good for rock but better for dubstep. If you end up liking the sound then you can later save up for the pro 900(the best headphone for electronic music IMO) which sounds similar just substantially better SQ. So either would work for your wants and opens up a nixe upgrade path.
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I don't have a lot of experience with different makes, but I did a comparison review for the Audio-Technica ATH-A900X and the AKG K550, and I liked the A900X a lot more.


Bassier, richer & more full-bodied mids, much more detailed & sparklier treble. I think they are a very strong contender at ~$230; you should check them out.


My review, for your consideration:


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Originally Posted by Mexicanu15 View Post

Hi!I have a budget of 250$.Can you recommand me a pair of headphones with powerful bass and sound clarity excelenta.I want more options...Thank you!:)


Originally Posted by Mexicanu15 View Post

Especially dubstep,hip-hop and rock:)




Look into:


AudioTechnica A900X

Beyer DT770 PRO LE 32ohm

AKG K167

Logitech UE 6000

Mr Speakers Mad Dogs

Shure SRH750 DJ

Ultrasone HFI 580

Sony XB700


And equalize bass/treble to suite taste.


Very best,

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