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Ipod Touch...should I sell?

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Hi All, 


thank you for this forum...


Please be patient with me, I have tried to search the huge amount of information available before posting, but I have been unsuccessful.


My setup is as follows;


iphone 4s 64gb/Ipod touch 64gb 4th gen both loaded with 320kbps mp3/ALAC=>LOD (fiio cable)=>Fiio E6=>sennheiser PX360 (commuting)/PX100(gym)


My question is this...


Assuming there is no sound/music related advantage of the touch vs the Iphone I would like to sell the Touch to release funds for one or more of the following


1.  Ipod Classic 7th Generation or Cowon X7/X9...(bigger capacity, better sound?) 

2. Fiio E17

3. Better headphones, which however still have to be portable since i do my listening on the move


so my questions...


1. I have not managed to hear, with my current setup any significant difference between the ipod and the iphone, especially using the LOD/fiio E6 setup. can this be confirmed by people with better ears/headphones than mine please?

2. which one of the three items above would contribute most to an increase in sound quality.


I hear a variety of music going from electronic (Yello) to classical(Mozart/Bach/Vivaldi/Opera) to Jazz (EST/Mingus) if this can help



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There's not advantage so go ahead and sell the touch but I find it odd that you asked. You've got both right there to compare. No offense meant here but folks need to stop asking the self proclaimed experts when they can easily listen for themselves. Really, if you can't hear it, it doesn't matter.

As for the 2nd part, buy the earphones. Does the E6 really sound etter than the 4s straight? I don't think you need an amp with it unless you go for something even better than the E17 or just don't have enough power.

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Hi there, and thanks for replying.


you're perfectly correct. I did not hear any difference between the iphone and ipod touch, and stated so in my initial post. I was concerned that I did not hear any difference because my setup was not good enough...and that once upgrading to better equipment I would regret my decision to sell...problem solved :)


I appreciate your hint to buy the phones...I do hear an obvious difference with the E6. so better headphones is the way to go....thanks

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