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Best Dap that can run Spotify

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My second Gen iPod touch has finally kicked the bucket, so I'm looking for its replacement. I'd like something that can run the Spotify app, meaning I'm looking for either an iPod Touch or android based PMP. Normally use my Heir 4.Ai's or Monoprice 8320's when out and about so I'm not too worried about output power, but having a line out or USB Dac support would be quite nice if I felt like using it with my HD650s. 


If I could afford it I'd be throwing money at the iBasso DX100 but the price is a tad steep. Looking to spend up to £200 instead. What would you guys suggest?

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If the DX100 is out of the question which is not that much of an issue because its WiFi is weak and I think only music played via its native player goes through the DAC (correction welcome if this is wrong), then suggest you consider Cowon Z2 or Sony Z1000 series. I have the latter and it does a nice job of Rhapsody but don't have Spotify so assuming they should be similar quality. I also have the DX but that's limited to my flac and 320 ripped music.
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Be interested in any other options too, have been looking at the DX100 to download spotify premium content to, but no point if it doesn't go via the DAC.

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Definatley goes through the DAC, otherwise sound wouldn't be coming out tongue.gif

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Guess that makes sense
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Fair point but wouldn't the DAP use the drivers in the App? I think that is why Poweramp and so on  doesn't sound as good as the native player on the DX.

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Right now I'm using an iPad2 with the Camera Connection Kit which allows me to bypass the internal DAC and feed it right to my Schiit Modi.  I use it to stream Spotify premium 320, and it sounds amazing.  You could easily pick up a used iPad for £200.  


But maybe you're looking for something a bit smaller?  If that's the case, just disregard everything I typed.  redface.gif

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Even the Mini version would be a tad big. Need something that'll fit in my pocket. Might wait until March and see if Samsung's firmware update for my Note allows it to support USB Audio. The standard audio out sounds awful.

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I was in a very similar situation recently - wanting Spotify on a portable device with decent sound (for listening on the move via Sennheiser HD25's).


I was looking to get under £100 and had a couple of options:


Used iPod touch

Used Samsung Galaxy S (with Voodoo sound mod/app).


I went for the Galaxy S, being generally against Apple devices and not wanting to introduce another platform into my existing android setup. The SQ is pretty good on the Samsung, it's quite a warm sound but with a very good soundstage. Certainly compared to my desktop --> nuforce Icon dac it doesn't have the same clarity or punch but it's infinitely better than my Galaxy S2.


I recommend it as a possible solution, and there are loads of them for sale second hand around the £80 mark. I would guess the ultimate current solution for Spotify listening on the move is probably Samsung Galaxy S3-->usb out-->dac/amp-->hdp. Good luck sorting that for under £200! Also, the SGS3 is a bit of a monster phone - I'm still waiting for the perfect android phone to come along that will seriously compete for SQ and that isn't the size of a brick and made of crumby plastic.

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