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Looking for size Large. They should look like bullet tips made of foam.  The dark grey is the size I need.



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I don't know which size mine is but it looks pretty big. It's white if that helps. I just remember Monster having a ton of tips and various kinds.

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I believe the whites at the time represent the XL size, which corresponds to the current color tip of silver (right next to the pair I circled in the image).  It'll fit my canals.  Please PM me the shipping/purchase details.  Thanks.

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Speaking of tips, I got mine today...


Worked out as well as I could have hoped as they sent me the set on the left as well as a bonus and those(mine have the blue core) are my favorite on the SA7. I was torn between the two as I am on my last pair of the other left but I decided to try the new ones first. Not much to say since I don't have the SA7 back yet but the tips are nice quality and the little case is nice to segregate my SA7 preferred tips.  

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The tracking shows a delivery of tomorrow so naturally I had it shipped to work -_- I'll get it Monday and play around with it a bit before I get something else on Tuesday so I'll probably test it out at work instead of what I usually use at work.

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Same here.  I'll post initial impressions over the weekend.

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Mine shows "out for delivery" this morning. I usually get left waiting with First Class so I use Priority. This time they went out early enough that the extra day didn't get me(almost always does). My luck seem to be changing with my SA7 journey. Things going right instead of off course :)


I tested the mushroom tips out on my Senn PCX 95 and they make them sound very, very good. Not much to conclude since those are not close in design but I can tell that they will fit on the nozzles fine(the Senn is slightly bigger than the Sleek) and they are comfy and should seal/isolate well.

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Mine arrived. Playing around with the various inserts and I think, so far, the -bass and neutral treble filter are sounding best. I'll give it some time with these. Stock dual flanges seem to be fine for me.
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X2. Bass minus, treble neutral.

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Some instant impressions with -bass and neutral treble filters:

dry, aggressive, sweet, sparkly with strong punch.

Clarity is very good. Resolution in the upper frequencies (upper mid and treble) is really good. Bass is clearly best with the - filter. The other two are too boomy in mid bass. Sub bass rolls after 60, so deep resolution could be better. Mids seem fairly neutral with a bit of sweetness due to a little forwardness of the upper mid.
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I wonder if some Klipsch Ovals might mate well sonically.  

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The klipsch ovals are super comfy with the SA7 but attenuate the treble a little too much IMO.
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Playing with my SA7 as well. Also tried the Klipsch ovals from my X5 and found the stage collapse a little, so I won't be using them.  Still waiting for some Monster foam supertips to come my way. From my last pair, I'm pleasantly surprised that the stock large ear tips are staying intact on the ear pieces upon removal.  I think Bill may have widen the lips on the treble tips, which is a good improvement.  More to come...

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My pair has returned...

They look funky with the new tips and using the straight cable but they sound excellent. I did swap out the treble ports for the neutral but left the bass + in and with these tips the bass is just right as the mushroom tips give a clean, neutral sound. Those are the large tips on there atm. Bill also gave me a new set of the stock tips so I have a back up set.

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Wow.  Those tips look medieval. Are those straight cable ends a special request?

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