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Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones Part II - Page 310

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Just recently got my MDR-1As and gave my wife an opportunity to listen to them. She usually never appreciates technology of any kind, but she loves music so I thought there might be a chance. She listened to them and made that "hmm..." sound when something sort of takes her by surprise in a pleasant way. The big test will be my dad with these cans: he's always hated anything Sony, and has sold high-end audio video home theatre equipment for over 30 years. If he likes them, I know I did OK.

PS: I know it isn't summit-fi, but a big jump from the other stuff I've owned.
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Originally Posted by seamon View Post

Would you guys be interested in seeing a  You-Tube version of this?

Yes, definitely. That sounds interesting.
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When I bought my HD800s in the beginning of November last year, all my friends were like "Are you out of your mind, bud, I'd never drop that much cash on headphones". Most of them were more like, shocked, rather than impressed. Some of them tried them out and quite frankly, I couldn't get 'em to leave after that :D They absolutely loved the sound, but they were still convinced that they're not worth that price tag. Go figure.

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I let a friend try my dt-770s and he didnt say much or seem a whole lot impressed, though a week later he bought his own 32 ohm version.
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Choo Choo is way off the track now.  Lets get it back on track.deadhorse.gif


So I was checking on my order for the Schiit Asgard on my work computer (slightly against the rules, but I had to know) and a buddy walked over and said, "What kind a schiit is that your looking at? That is not work appropriate!"  I think all he saw was what it sounded like and not the actual spelling. 


Sorry to hear you have to work with co-workers who are busy bodies and tattle tales. I have some of those myself.

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co-worker: [upon going from her Sony MDRV55 to my ATH-M40x] *30 seconds* "Wow, these are way better." *20 seconds later* "OK, you can have these back now, I'm going to like them too much."

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"You spent HOW MUCH on those??"

- friends when they come over.

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My girlfriend reaction,,,"You are insane!" Lol
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My mom listening to the Fidelio X2; "These sound very distant." Hahaha!

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