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Originally Posted by coinmaster View Post

I remember when I bought a pair of shure 535s and I thought that was a true high end audiophile purchase. I was like "omg these sound amazing!!!" Now I have a full sized headphone system roughly valued at about edit: unspeakable amounts (no I'm not using silver cables or any expensive "snake oil" stuff...yet) and I feel bad for anyone  who thinks this low end trash sounds good (I mean that in the nicest way possible!!!biggrin.gif ​). If only people knew! Or had the money to know! Such sound cannot be imagined, only experienced!

That does come off as a little rude, but I sort of get what you mean. I only get annoyed when wealthy people are still using schiit-tier earphones/headphones.

They have the desposable income to buy some amazing stuff, yet they either don't know or don't care enough.

Anyway, found out one of my coworkers is an audiophile, we had a good long talk about our stories. He's more into speaker systems, I'm into headphones and IEMs, so he only has a pair of bose in-ears.

My T-Peos H-300 earphones get brought up and he wants to try them out, I tell him I'll let him try it tomorrow with my amp and everything. So the next day, I bring in my stuff and let him listen to a couple of songs that might offend him the least (I listen to EDM, he listens to latin dance and Jazz) he puts the earphones in and he just stands there, mouth agape. After a minute he yells "I really love the bass". (He probably can't hear himself). So then I decide to play an extremely sub-bass heavy song, and he just stands there again, like he's just seen a bomb explode. He takes them out and immediately says "how much do you want for them?".
"They're not for sale"
"How about $100?"
"I bought them for $285"
"$250 if you throw in some comply tips." (we talked about comply tips earlier)
I couldn't resist that offer, so I'm now giving up my favourite IEMs, but it's good to see someone else get so excited about audio.

Well, at least this will give me a chance to try out new things. Already purchased a pair of JVC HA-FX1100, I'm not sure if I should let him try them out when I get them. XD
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Yeah, it took many demos, countless hours of research, and a little bit of luck to find "that sound I've been looking for and hoped existed" that is the goal of most audiophiles. The only way to improve from this level is to go from headphones to speakers, but that can get very VERY expensive. Also a better DAC might be beneficial, with the amount of transparency my current set-up provides I'm sure I will hear a difference if there is a difference to be had.

My current amplifier is actually just a Little Dot MKVI+ (I say just, but it's really one of the most if not the most bang for buck amp you can buy, being made in china with an amazing design, it's equal to buying a WA22 for $800)  that has been heavily modded and altered, not much of the original amp exists, however, I've heard many amps up to the $10,000+ level and they sound bad compared to what I have right now. I'm actually kind of ashamed that they are that price when mine is this much better.

Props to Redge78, Max134, and their unnamed friend who supposedly wrote books on tube technology for giving me the information and help to do this amp upgrade. They are releasing a dedicated thread to the upgrade soon for anyone who might be interested. Probably somewhere along the lines of "little dot upgrade/mod thread".

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If anyone feels their Shure 535's are unlistenable I'd be more than happy to take delivery of these phones ... I don't look forward to spending $100 for their 215 cousins or if grado ever manages to make delivery on the Ige's those ... I thoroughly enjoy music with my $7 panasonic 120's and the $15 3580's from Phillips.  


To describe what a tightwad I am I debated for two weeks whether to buy the cheaper Phillips 3590 to save $5 and take the chance they've changed the driver.


I did order some Xiaomi Piston 3's for $16 (regular edition) and $8 (youth edition) if only to see how geekbuying treats it's American customers.  


I tried to see if I could listen to some in ear phones but no store allows this.  You'd think for phones that are >$100 they'd have changeable ear pads, seeing as individualizing for size is so important ... hell I'd pay a dollar for a listening session.


I can dance and bounce and sing with lessor headphones but I'd love to hear what all the fuss is about.  My Fiio X1 feels like she's dating beneath her!!!!

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As "low-fi" as my shure 535s are compared to my full sized set-up. Shure does make their iems nearly indestructible so I use them when I go hiking and such. I don't even try to be nice to them, I treat them like $5 garbage and they take it like a boss. 3 years and running of stepping/sitting/sleeping/leaving them around/ other horrible things and the only thing wrong with them is the cable is starting to get a little unresponsive if you move it in a certain direction. Good thing it's user replaceable and only $20. That's what I like about shure. 

Heck I've hiked thousands of miles in some of the most intense terrain in North America with these things.


I do hear that the new Shure 846 blow them away though, sound quality wise. But unless you're really set on IEMs I'd just buy full sized headphones at that price.

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