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Originally Posted by jalann View Post

I would like to add again that I am leaning toward an open or semi-open hp but my concern about an open or even semi-open hp is how loud they will sound to other people nearby. I understand this is somewhat subjective but I have read some pretty decided opinions ranging from, "totally annoying to others working around me" to "Can't hear a thing from a couple feet away."


I don't use my studio monitors now because they would be too loud. If open or semi-open headphones end up being too loud they won't be an option for me. So, if possible, I need to get a good idea of how loud they will be or, should I say, how audible. Let me give an idea of my listening habits and work environment:


- I don't like listening to music/audio at high levels especially through hps. I have pretty sensitive ears and so prefer the lowest possible volume but still able to hear details.

- I work at home. The only others around will be my wife and now 8 month old son. The house is pretty small and my wife sometimes works in the same room with me about 4 feet away. She would find it distracting if the hps sounded like a radio only playing my editing at more than pretty soft background music levels.


Can an open hp be almost inaudible from a few feet away at low volume and still be able to hear detail with them on?

Any concrete experience or comparisons you could give will help.  

It depends on the specific headphones. You won't have major issues with most semi-open headphones, but if you're working close to somebody I'd stay away from anything fully open. Even some closed headphones (Denons, in particular), leak like crazy.

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Originally Posted by jalann View Post

Thanks for the clarification on the 80 Ohm. Exactly the kind of advice I was hoping to get.

Do you have experience with the Sony MDR V6 or 7506? They have come up several times in my search. I have wondered if people are more forgiving of the Sony's sound quality because they are inexpensive. Do you know how they compare to the DT770's ? 

Sonys or Beyers. Learn the sound signature compared to your monitors and go from there..

Closed cans can serve double duty in the studio AND in the field.

In other words: Buy the DT 770s. smily_headphones1.gif They sound great and don't leak in or out and are will survive a big amount of abuse.
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