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Phonak Audeo to close down? - Page 9

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You can have them recabled.  Or reshelled into customs.  You could always purchase a new pair of 132's that I have in the fs forum.

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Good thing I just got myself a pair of 232 last week

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Well, after a few thoughts, I remembered my iPhone's headphones were still in their box, so I sacrificed them :


by curiosity I cut the Apple monitors in half, the cable makes a knot inside it, so I cut the cable a little before to get a not twisted cable end


dismounted the Phonak monitors :

- the silver part is glued on the black body, I found no way other than lifting it and breaking it in parts

- two screws maintain the two plastic parts of the body

- carefuly opened the body, removed the system (sorry my poor english, I'm french)

- took a photo of each monitor to remember which cable (signal and ground) is soldered to what contact point

- removed the original cables with my soldering iron


preparation of the iPhone cable :

- sliding the rubber part of the Phonak monitor on the iPhone cables

- cuting the white rubber tubing to let enough copper cable


soldering the new cable on the monitors

- putting a small drop of solder on each contact of the monitors

- soldered the cables


put everything back

- placing the monitor system in the black body and the cable in its place with the black rubber end of the Phonak monitors

- closing the body parts and screwing them


plugged on my computer, the sound is back and always great ! 8-)


with remote-mic addition, the microphone a bit close to my ear

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dude can you post pictures? :)

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a pity they closing down soon.. I quite like their BA earphones.  must be tough competition  however seems very difficult to get stocks in shops in hongkong or Singapore .  my friend bought his from amazon..

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Phonak Audeo have been closed down some time ago
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