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Traveling to Korea

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I'm going to Incheon Korea for work a week from tomorrow, is there any good audio shops that any one knows of where I can demo some high end gear?


Any other suggestions of sights to see/things to do are also welcome!

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Go to the neighbouring national capital of Seoul, and yes, there are plenty of Headphone stores where you can demo headphones at!


The two most well known locations are Earphoneshop (near Hyehwa station on Seoul Subway line 4) and Headphoneshop located in the I-Park Mall (at Yongsan station on Line 1).  You'll likely be able to demo most of the high end headphones at those two stores (Earphoneshop is a must, they have the best selection in town).  Many other places around the city, too. I believe there is a Korea thread where this was all laid out, do a search and you'll find it.

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Wow awesome thanks!
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Here are some pics of the Earphoneshop I took when I last went to Seoul in December:

Note that second pic is only about 1/4 of the store... There's much more selection than that. I got to try the W3000ANV there and it was amazing... They also had the TH900 as well which weren't my cup of tea but trying it out was awesome. wink.gif
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Wow awesome thanks for the pics! Hopefully I get some time to travel up to Seoul.

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When I was stationed in Korea, I made the occasional trip to the Yongsan Electronics Mart in Seoul. I forget which floor had the hi-fi but there was a ton to gawk over. The space gets pretty cramped at some of those shops so not exactly the ideal environment for a demo.


I just read that they built a railway between Incheon and Seoul (AREX). I remember taking a big buses to get out of Incheon when I was there. My my, what a difference seven years makes...

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Awesome thanks for the info!

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I take off in 3 hours, thanks for the info again!
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You're welcome! Enjoy your trip!

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