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Help me decide or recommend me some headphones

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I am going to get a headphone next Monday. Budget around $350(retail price only pls). I prefer a closed headphone as I like privacy. This headphone will be usually used for gaming (FPS) and music (country, and some rock, and maybe K-POP) 

I had checked quite a number of headphones, ie. M50, Custom One Pro.


I was thinking of getting either the Custom One Pro or the MDR-1R or DT770 pro.


Are there any good suggestions other than those? and can you recommend me which one to get? 


P.S. My country doesnt bring in any V-Moda models and cant get it from Amazon as the shipping to my country is taking too long.


Thanks!! :)



Sorry if I had posted wrongly or done something wrong. Still new here. 

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Denon D2000s would be my recommendation. 

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Any other headphones other than D2000?
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The dt770 pros sound better imo than the custom one pros imo, but I have to agree with the Denons

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Okay.. Thanks!! smily_headphones1.gif
Though does the Denon need any amp? I don't have any amp with me right now. frown.gif
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Again, don't know why so many people are just recommending D2000's all the time lately without at least mentioning to people looking for their first nice headphones that the D2000's are discontinued and almost impossible to find new (especially if OP is in another country). You might be able to find some D2k's around $350 used (I'm assuming he wants new though since he said $350 retail price), but will be paying a lot more than they are worth because there is a higher demand now that they are discontinued. Before they were discontinued you could find them around $225 new, so $350 or more for a used pair is not really a good deal unless you are dead set on owning these headphones. You could probably get more bang for your buck with a different pair of new headphone for $350. I haven't heard the D2k's and I'm not bashing them or people recommending them. I know a lot of people like them and they might be a good fit for the OP, but I think if you are going to list the D2k's as your only recommendation for someone you should include the fact that you most likely will only be able to find them used and marked up for more than they are worth used. 

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I not sure whether are there any stocks left for D2000 or not.. But a new one cost at least $400 which is way over my budget.. frown.gif
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Since its in your list, I can recommend the DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm version as its "flatter" and better for gaming. The 80Ohm PRO might be too bassy, mid centric. The normal dt770 is very nice. Probably even better for gaming. I can recommend th 600 Ohm version or the MMX 300 (600 Ohm version) as I have both.

Really need to sell the 770...
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Was the 770 pro open? O.o cuz 880 and 990 were open..
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I would say get the maddogs by Mr. Speakers. They were just reworked with new pads and sound amazing. I have not heard a better closed hp. If you have no amp, they do need one. You could grab a fiio e07k for $80 shipped and be pretty close to your budget...$380. That would be a really nice start. biggrin.gif

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