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Originally Posted by AJHeadfi View Post

I think it means you should be driving headphones of 16ohm or more.

If it's suitable for headphones of 16ohm then the output impedance shouldn't be any higher than 1-3 ohm. I owned and loved the HP-P1 but found that it wasn't suitable for a lot of the headphones I was interested in thanks to the high output impedance of 10ohm and limited power output. I hope Fostex have sorted that out because this looks like an interesting product.
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no more news or reviews about this Fostex HP-V1 ? 

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I'm waiting for mine... should be here in the first week of March as far as I know.

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I received mine about two weeks ago and absolutely love it. 

I wrote a review in Chinese, but am too lazy and do not have the time therefore I simply use google to translate my own review...

so I apologize if it appears very lame... 



Some basic information 

- HP-V1 is larger than HP-P1 and is about the same size with Centrance Hifi-M8
- The middle part of the cabinet should be the same as the HP-P1 texture
- 4W power consumption is pretty high as a portable amp, the output power isnt very big however 200mW @ 32ohm 
- The battery is 11.1v, 2500 mAh (3 * 3.7v 2500mAh), playback time 10 hours, charging time 3.5 hours 
- Body just slightly warm, not really totally hot, Continental V3 much hotter than the HP-V1, and DX100 is much hotter than V3
- Line In jack on both rear and front
- Hiss is present, acceptable level IMO, less background noise than all ALO Headphone amp
- Primarystage with 6N16B-Q tube, secondary stage is done by opamp
- Fostex own capacitor 
- You cannot charge the amp when it is turned on, I believe is to avoid overheating, in other words the amp is fully powered by the DC source when it is plugged in.
- Theres a LED on the front, Red=not ready=silent, Green=OK
- The amp requires approximately 30 seconds to warm up to green 
- When switching from DC to battery it will take a few seconds (LED turns RED)


Chargers and 3.5 line 

Bigger than ALO Continental v3

And almost as big as m8 

Both front and rear Line In 

Internal shots

Tube and Cap 


Glowing tube

Front LED lights 

Burning in..




Even warmer than the ALO ​​Continental v3 , v3 sounds more exciting, energetic and lively. HP-V1, on the other hand is slower, smoother, comfortable, slightly darker., Vocals is outstanding, warm rich without losing transparency, natural sound and vivid. 

Very warm bass contrast Continental v3 obviously vague than HP-V1, HP-V1 bass lines and a clearer sense of depth contours 

Soundstage isnt very wide, 

HP-V1 drive T50RP, IERM, DT1350, T70p, TH900 pretty well, probably the best portable amp for TH900.

I was most pleasantly surprised that HP-V1 push K3003 much good performance, such as the K3003 8ohm abnormally low impedance headphones with ear is very difficult to expand, it is easy to control (Continental v3 is a good example of a disaster is completely pushed K3003 ) Fostex official also stated above 16ohm impedance headphones fit, so this is totally beyond my expectation 

Also noteworthy HP-V1 high quality linear power supply connected to the quality of real-time jump two, analytical, sound field, have reached the top portable headphone amplifier has been comparable with the price of Taiwan machine (but in fact, AC adapter and power cord etc. have been more expensive than HP-V1), but even without the power to grade fever, then the original charger has some upgrade 

HP-V1 keeps bringing me surprises, I can not help it start illusions, the "guts taste" it will be difficult to serve the HD800 with the launch of the famous good voice? 
The result is abnormal ugly .... I do not want to say more, and short ears than the average expansion push even ugly ... 

Finally, the number of HP-V1 some shortcomings ... The first is obviously portability, HP-V1 is very heavy, you dont really want to takes this out..

Secondly the volume knob is way oversized and loose, if the knob is accidently hit it may suddenly turns up the volume..

I ordered some smaller knob intended to replace (in fact, the kind of ALO v3), we must temporarily knob between the body and add some tape so it does not add too much capacity to twist to 

All in all I really like HP-V1, are doing a disservice to the quality more than price (Japan Amazon price ¥ 43,535), even as the official pricing is also recommended.



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Thanks for the wonderful internal shoot, can I ask where did you order your one?

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Thanks for the wonderful internal shoot, can I ask where did you order your one?

I purchase directly from Amazon JP and forwarded by Tenso

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thank you. 

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Finally this product is live. Where is your HP-P1? Perfect partner.

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The HP-P1 does stack nicely with the HP-V1 but I love the sound signature of the original solo, even more than that of newer solo db.


I read the translated review and laughed hard... "tube sound" was translated to "gut taste"...



a few highlights:

- Even it claims it is suitable for 16ohm+, it drives the 8ohm K3003 pretty well, not the best but pretty impressive.

- Warm and lush sound, very smooth mids

- Excellent pairing with all of my IEM and TH900 (better than Continental v3), but terrible with the HD800, Continental v3 on the other hand drives HD800 and LCD3 better

- SQ will improve when running DC

- Volume knob is too big and is loose which could be dangerous..

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Is it pure tube amp or is it hybrid?

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Is it pure tube amp or is it hybrid?


All portable tube amp must be hybrid.

The output stage is done by opamp.

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Originally Posted by whitefang View Post


All portable tube amp must be hybrid.

The output stage is done by opamp.


There are some exceptions, such as A2P TUR-06.

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That is also a hybrid amp.


For the opamp part I mean the HP-V1 only. I could be clearer.

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@whitefang very nice photos, especially the internals look interesting. Thanks!

Mien should be here on Friday, the P1 is already waiting...

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Wish they kept the 1/4 inch jack.
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