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Stax Interview and Factory tour 12/12/12 - Page 2

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I love the amp rack, they clearly love the SRA line. 

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I'm just wondering now if there will be a video of the tour up? Maybe a video of the rooms and design team and stuff?

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Very interesting reading and also some unexpected information, at least for me. There have been some rumors about a new top of the line amp, but now it is confirmed. There have been discussions about the possibility of break-in of electrostatic headphones. Now we get the information of a one + one week break-in at the factory!


Many thanks to all involved in the factory tour report!

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Thank you for an interesting interview.


It has already been used as basis for several posts in the thread "Elektrostatiske hodetelefoner" (Electrostatic headphones) in the headphone section of the Norwegian forum Hifisentralen. See post #214 and onwards in that thread. Use Google Translate or similar if you don't read any of the Scandinavian languages.

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Thanks for the article, great stuff. It puts faces to a legendary company and makes my Omega even more special - created by such a tiny group of people. Unbelievable that a small company like this could achieve such perfection!

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Thank you for all your hard work.


I found it a really interesting read and it exceeded my expectations.


They seem to be very humble considering the wonderful products they produce.


I look forward to their new higher end products with some trepidation. I love the best but struggle to afford it :)


Thank you again





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Thank you very much Scott, Arnaud and Currawong for an inside look, and to Stax, for sharing some insight into their thought process and design. 

It is great to see craftsmanship without mass/machine production with painstaking attention to detail. As such, Stax is indeed a unique enterprise. 

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Did you get to see them actually assembling the drivers?

I guess from what you say most of the product is manufactured by third parties (outsourced) and the 13 Stax people do the R&D, assembly, distribution and marketing?  

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Only judging by the pictures you wouldn't think it is about MUSIC!

Do they have any "young" employees?

I certainly do understand that they have to charge that money for their products....with a staff of only 13.

Great article that gives some insight into a hidden and obviously well guarded world!

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Omgwtfbbq his name is Amos Barnett and my last name is Barnett! Too bad we aren't some how related :-(
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Great article, thank you. This was an interesting read. 

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good read Arnaud. THanks for this.

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wow!  this is golden man.  Thank you!

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Thank you for this great information, I am really looking forward to hearing more about their flagship amp offering.

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Great interview, but forgot to ask if they have a set of replace cable somewhere for a normal bias STAXbiggrin.gif

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