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Comfortable headphones for outdoor use

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I am outside 2-3 hours every night when working and I have decided to get a pair of full-size headphones even tho I just got VSONIC GR07. I have 2 hoodies on me with the hoods on the head so I will use the headphones "on" them.


I usually just have one headphone on the ear and the other one behind the next ear and I listen to Dubstep, Hiphop and Hardcore (Angerfist and so on, not screamo ****). They should be fine to drive without an amp as I use my Lumia 920 as source right now.



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I'd stick with vsonic. It's an incredibly iem and it just won't get any more comfortable or convenient than an iem. If you stuck on full sized, consider:


beyer dt1350


sennheiser hd25


Both are excellent. 



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Hmm... The Sennheiser HD 229 is a very comfortable headphone. And for about 60$ on amazon it has a good sound. Of course, it's not as good as the beyer or the HD25 which are mentioned up there, but I liked it anyway. Unfortunatly mine broke a few months ago.
But I'm afraid the bass would't be enough for your taste, since you're hearing Dubstep and stuff...
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Whats your budget?

Im thinking:

Ultrasone hfi 580
Maudio q40
Shure srh750 dj

Very best,
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Those IEMs you have are probably your best option, given that you'll be wearing hoodies. But, if you want something larger, the Sennheiser Amperior is very good for electronic music and quite decent at hip hop, and it's on-ear design should work well over your hoodie. (If your budget is not that high, the Sennheiser HD 25 models were the versions before the Amperior)

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