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EU Power Supply for Schiit Magni ?

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Hi guys,


I ordered Schiit Magni from US thinking that get EU 16V AC power suplly should be no problem at all, but yesterday I was thinking I'll go get it so it's rdy when shipment arrives and in two electronic shops I got reactions like "16V AC ??? no, no ... sorry .. we don't have such a thing." .




Also I can't find it even in Czech e-shops. Anybody else have this problem in Europe ?


If anyone knows how to solve this (where could I get this power supply), it would be great smily_headphones1.gif



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Nobody knows ? How to solve this :(

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Seems like a common issue for Europe residents frown.gif have you contacted schiit? 


Some guy was planning to buy this one:



You can ask if this model works with it. 

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There is no 16V option :(

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Interested in finding this out myself, this is the only thing holding me back from buying a M&M combo from Schiit.


If anyone finds a suitable 'wall-wart' for the 220v region (I'm in NZ) I'd snap one up...


Disappointing its taken Schiit so long to source one, on the FAQ for the Magni they mention they're trying to find a supply. Surely they should be able to get a line on one from China? 

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I have already M&M on the way so ... biggrin.gif I rly want it to work somehow.

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Good to know ^ i assume you have used it personally with the Magni? 

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Yes, i have bought this specific adapter. It is quite expansive but pretty reliable. It works fine with magni. I tried to find a 240v to 16V AC adapter but they are very rare...I have been unable to find an easy way to get one in EU.


This solution appears to be the best. That's what Jason from Schiit advised.


Take care, obviously there is a lot of bad quality 220-110 adapter on the market. i recommand Watt&co or another trustable brand.


The one linked is reversible so that you can use it in EU or US. It delivers 40w, enough for a lot of things.

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But if you get this you still need US adapter which you will connect to this transformator right ? Is it shipped with Magni or do I need to get it extra ?


Btw found that transformator for 32 euro ... oh my :( 

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So I ordered this - http://www.ges.cz/en/menic-napeti-mw-2p045-GES07506652.html , now I'll pray for it to work....

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No, what you linked is exactly the same. You don't need to add anything else...Hope it will work for you!

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Great, thanks for info.

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Picked my Modi/Magni up today after paying the customs charges. I've ordered http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000NJ26X2/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00 just waiting for it to turn up now and hopefully it works.


Looking on ebay looks like HP printer power supplies may work http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-Supply-Adapter-for-HP-0957-2231-32V-375mA-16V-500mA-/281058769993?pt=UK_Computing_Printer_Scanner_Power_Supplies&hash=item4170687c49 ? Shame about the proprietary connection.

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Thing you ordered from amazon is exactly what arrived me today, ofc with czech wall plug. But I am still waiting for M&M :( hope it arrives tomorrow :)

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