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Copper cables help

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Hi all,

i'm looking to buy a 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect (DAC to AMP)

I was using Fiio's, but it got corrupted (problems with contacts after a week of use)


Searched on eBay, and found those 3:











can someone rank them by SQ and endurance ?

maybe offer something else on the budget? (<30$)



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I would recommend this:




Audioquest Golden Gate 1m for 58 bucks.


Very nice quality cable and descent sound.

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how's the evergreen ?

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^ I would go one step above for increased cleanness and clarity.  If I were you, with limited budget as such, would go with the Golden Gate. But that's just me...




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I have the cable in your first link, SMSL. It's a good performance cable, I can recommend it.

It looks like this though unlike the listing describes.

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I recommend the third one as bolded above. 


It's a very good cable with a sturdy build and also has a strong durable mesh covering for the silver plated wires in the the cable.
Performs very well. It looks exactly as it does in real life as it does in the pictures, so no illusion there. etysmile.gif

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i just got (for free) a Canare L-2t2s cable



can someone tells me how does it compares with the rest (up to 40$) ?

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