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Laptop Headphone Jack

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Hi guys, just wondering if you think maybe my laptop headphone jack is a little faulty. So basically I'm running my headphones directly through my laptop headphone jack, no amp or anything, and for the last couple of weeks with my Pro 900's and DT 880's, I've noticed that the left side is always very slightly louder (minutely) than the right. At first I thought I may have poorer hearing in my right ear, but today I put the Pro 900's into my Samsung Galaxy and I didn't hear the imbalance. Is this a common problem with laptops? (low quality jacks?) Or could this be something as simple as a software issue?

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It is probably a channel imbalance in the cheap amp on the headphone jack side of the audio train.  Does the problem go away at higher volumes?

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Hi thanks for the reply :)


No, in actual fact, I'd say it's more obvious at louder volumes than when it is quiet. It's very distracting! 

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Have you gone into the sound settings on your computer yet? I had this same problem a while ago until I went into my settings and discovered that the LR channel volume levels were ever so slightly out of balance. I still don't know how it happened, but that's how I fixed my problem.  

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Definitely check your channel volumes.  It could still be something with the amp inside the PC, but the evidence is pointing to software.

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Hi and thanks for the replies :) I have gone through as many sound settings as I can find both in my music player and in windows, but everything seems normal and nothing strikes me for being the reason. I'm guessing now that it may be the headphone jack. 

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