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My current player (iPod 2gen) has to say good buy to this world. So, I'm trying to find a new player for myself. With these criteria


- non Apple product : I personally dislike all Apple products. They are too commercial, bla bla

- My portable headpones are Ultrasone Hfi580 and HifimanRE262, with DIY cMoy amp

- Mostly listen to mp3 320 kbps, sometimes to lossless files

- Price around 200

- sound quality comes first. But will be more happy if it's Android, with wifi, camera, :) 

- open to any brand, price can be a bit more or less



Additional questions

-  However, I heard that Sansa Clip + has very good SQ, and has nice&clean signal from headphone jack to feed an amp. So, I ordered one. Now I'm waiting for it to be delivered. Can this hp jack + amp be compared with LOD from iPod in term of SQ? What is the right way to use hp jack with an amp?


- In the case, I'm disappointed with the incoming Sansa Clip+, I will have to search for a player again.


Thanks so much

and sorry if this thread isn't belong here, and also my English too. English is my secondary language