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Alternative to HE-400?

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I just bought the HiFiMAN HE-400's and thought they were incredible, to say the least.


However, I'm afraid I must return them because they're so heavy (fear long term health effects).

(Sorry if I offended any HE-400 owners)


Are there any alternatives to this headphone?

I'm considering the HD-650's.


*I am currently using FiiO E10 DAC/amp.

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Not that this is another can, but this might go a long way for comfort...




what kind of music? Sound signature? What are you looking for?

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I'm looking for something that's able to handle fast songs, fun, has a wide soundstage, and has good instrument separation.

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vmoda m100, mad dogs are around the same price range

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I tested the HE400, HE500, and a long time ago I heard the HD650. The HD650 was driven out of a Fiio E11, it was very clear that the amp was holding them back because the detail was a tiny bit fuzzy and somewhat muddled, but it was getting loud enough. The HE400 and 500 were driven out of an Emotiva MiniX amp. Out of everything, As much as I liked the HE400 (more than the HE500 sound signature), I went ahead and bought HD650 today, along with O2 to power it. Amb Gamma2 Full++ is my source.

Keep in mind that the E10 will hold back the HD650 if you go that route.
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Mad Dogs with a Schiit Magni. 

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