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For Sale: Fiio e17 (price dropped)

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For Sale:
Fiio e17 (price dropped)

Will Ship To: Conus

Hey everyone! I'm selling my fiio e17 in order to fund a new dac purchase. They are about half a year old and still in great condition. I also have the original box and accessories. I'm looking for 110 dollars shipped conus. Sorry for the blurry picture, i took it with my phone. If i find my camera i'll upload a better one.

Edit: I've uploaded some higher quality pictures finally.

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I PMd you. 

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Sale fell through, this is still available.

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I have an E7/E9 combo now and enjoy them both.

I'd like to upgrade to an E17.

Will you consider $85 shipped to Georgia, 30097?

Do you have all of your documentation and purchase paperwork?

Will you also include both connectors?

Thanks for your reply.

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Hey, I can't PM more than 2 times a day, send me a message with your email address so we can communicate!




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