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How To Heal Yourself Naturally

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I'm a music-lover, that's already given. And I'm an advocate of natural health too. It's just recently that I've been passionate about sharing this to everyone, so I put up a blog that aims to instill natural health awareness in people and be of help in their health challenges.

There are so many reasons why we should consider natural health, here's one:
And here's a good start for change:

Thanks and God bless smile.gif
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As someone who has seen people reject conventional medicine for their very curable cancer and go to holistic healers. They end up with incurable metastatic cancer and die in agony. People who have stopped taking their asthma steroid inhalers and gone for homeopathy and other placebo based scams. They come in nearly dead suffocating and end up in hospital for months. 

And the diabetics on herbal remedies, well... Bye bye limbs, hello cardiovascular disease!


Holistic medicine is only useful to help people feel better when they continue with real, proper, medical care. It has no use in actually treating anything. 

If people who need it ignore real medicine and go for holistic 'remedies' they get worse or die.

And of course some natural remedies seriously mess with the metabolism of real drugs, and lead to other problems...


Not saying conventional medicine is perfect, people do die from hospital acquired infections, medical error etc. However without any healthcare more people would die.


At best it does nothing, and allows the patient to talk to someone about their problems over a long time, rather than the 5-10 minutes they'll get with a doctor. It makes them feel better, it doesn't make them better. 



You seem to think things like diet, exercise etc. aren't part of modern medicine... Why don't you go tell that to all the physiotherapists, dieticians etc. who are an integral part to healthcare in a modern hospital. Seriously, before you start criticising healthcare maybe you should actually know something about it?



P.s. that video is just... Lol. 

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OP, please don't come here to peddle your blog.  You already have it in your signature, I'm sure if people are interested they can click on that.

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