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KingRex HQ-1 Headquarters Headphone Amp
The HEADQUARTER (HQ-1) headphone amp set is furnished with two chassis designs: red anodized, hair-brushed aluminum front panel for trendsetting style, and sandy-blast paint steel with black anodized.
Nothing can be more challenging than moving up the audio ladder in today’s economic climate. You invest in the best headphone your heart desires and your budget allows. You need to maximize the return. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your headphone.
Welcome to the Headquarters: the KingRex HQ-1, a inaugural headphone amp will help you realize your ambition in many ways.
As the Headquarters that commands authority, the HQ-1 has adopted a two-chassis design with separate power supply for sonic integrity. And it’s not the switch-mode power supply but audiophile grade linear power. Its rock solid 45W toroidal transformer (18V/2.5A) is complemented with 25,100uF total capacity of reserve power and optimized regulatory circuit based on LMS 1585 constant voltage regulator.As the Headquarters to set high standard of perfor mance, only top-notch audiophile grade components are accepted: Toshiba A970/C2240 for first stage amplification; Hitachi MOSFET 2SK214 for output stage. Panasonic FM capacitors as main filter for transparent background and balanced soundstage. WIMA input capacitors for enhanced acoustic density. Vishay output capacitors for more neutral and delicate details. Gold-plated Neutrik 6.35mm headphone jack, gold-plated RCA terminals, Neutrik XLR socket (DC power transmission), Furukawa PCOCC internal wiring and ALPS potentiometer for sonic purity.
The result? Naturally expansive, warm sound and vivid dynamics. As the Headquarters to channel lines of communication, the HQ-1 in addition to headphone output is equipped with RCA line output and can be used as a high-quality preamp, selectable through a push button on the front panel.
As the Headquarters to coordinate and mobilize, the HQ-1 has an input/output impedance characteristic that’s highly adaptable and will match nearly all headphones or earphones available in the market. Be it audiophile grade, closed or open air type, in-ear monitors or portable audio earbuds, the HQ-1 proves to be the perfect performance partner, yielding output power from 100mW at 300 ohm to 570mW at 30 ohm. Thanks to the sophisticated Class A MOSFET circuitry, THD + N drop to a bottom-low 0.005% while frequency response opens up wide at 20Hz to 80kHz. As the Headquarters to bestow flagship image, the HQ-1 is furnished with two chassis designs: piano glass paint steel complemented with red anodized, hair-brushed aluminum front panel for trendsetting style, and sand-blast paint steel with black anodized, hair-brushed aluminum front panel for the timeless classic look.
Setting the high standard of performance : only top-notch audiophile grade components are qualified to work here:
Toshiba A970/C2240 for first stage amplification; Hitachi MOSFET 2SK214 for output stage. Panasonic FM capacitors as main filter for transparent background and balanced soundstage. WIMA input capacitors for enhanced acoustic density.
Vishay output capacitors for more neutral and delicate details.
Gold-plated Neutrik 6.35mm headphone jack, gold-plated RCA terminals, Neutrik XLR socket (DC power transmission), Furukawa PCOCC internal wiring and ALPS potentiometer for sonic purity.
The result? Naturally expansive, embody instructment,warm sound, rich of musicality and vivid dynamics.
KingRex new – HEADQUARTERS (HQ-1) is in Class A MOSFET design is general-purpose desktop headphone amplifier.
HQ-1 has one input and two outputs which is selectable by front panel push button- one is line-output and another is phone output. Gold-plated NEUTRIK 6.35mm headphone jack and gold-plated RCA terminals for provide great contact.
The interior circuitry consists by first stage transistor –Toshiba A970/C2240 for first stage amplification and output stage by Hitachi MOSFET 2SK214. Featuring Hi Fi grade Panasonic FM capacitor as main filter brings the transparent background and balanced soundstage ; input capacitor choose WIMA increase acoustic density; output capacitor choose Vishay for more neutral and delicate details. All material choose for neutral, balance, details, rich musicality, and vivid tuning. Original ALPS potentiometer for provide the best signal for sonic purity.
Input/ output signal path setting use FURUKAWA PCOCC which brings more expansive and warm sound.
Discreet external linear power design- highly current supplied toroidal transformer, LMS1585 constant voltage regulator, total 8pcs Hi-Fi grade Nippon Chemi-Con Electrolytic capacitor in total capacity 25100uF(5 x 2,200 uF at AC input stage; 3 x 4,700uF at DC output stage) through NEUTRIK XLR socket all design stream out fully power to fit active dynamic demands.
Two style chassis design : Chassis design by piano glass paint steel 180 x 138 x 45mm with aluminum red anodized panel in hair polishing or Sandy blast paint steel 180 x 138 x 45mm with aluminum black anodized panel in hair polishing.
Discount Code: KingRex15
KingRex T20U Tripath Amplifier USB DAC
KingRex T20 U AMP is basically the same Class T (based Tripath Technology) 20 Watt integrated amplifier with an onboard USB interface and DAC (digital to analog converter). It has the convenience for digital life that we are all looking for but without any unexpected noise and distortion of your favorite music.
Why did KingRex design the T20 U?
Today, the computer is ubiquitous in most people's daily life. However, the Hi Fi audio equipment still remains in music lover’s media room and not next to their PC.
Although the PC can handle multi-media display very well, the sound card or the audio chip is for 5.1 or 7.1. It’s good for movies or gaming but it cannot provide the purity of sound for the audiophile, especially the unexpected noise and distortion.
The KingRex T20 U is able get the digital signal directly from your computer with a built-in USB interface and DAC (digital-analog converter). There will be no inflicted noise and distortion so you are able to hear the authentic musicality, no less and no more!
Based on Tripath TA-2020-020 DPP chip. KingRex T20 AMP is capable of 2 * 20 Watts at 4 Ohms with 80% energy efficiency.
The heart of the T20 U DAC is the Burr-Brown PCM2702E which a 32/44.1/48 KHz ready 16-bit stereo DAC with USB interface, on chip clock generator, 8 times oversampling digital interpolation filter and analog output low-pass filter.
The low-pass filters, the analog two-channel signals are handed over to the Burr-Brown OPA2604 op amp acts as output stage preamp.
It also functions as a low-pass filter, taking out the residual digital garbage and turns the audio signals into more analogue sounding stream.
A pair of TL072 low noise dual JFET op amps are assigned to the DC servo circuit for sure the audio signals are clear.
The T20 U has one set of line input and one set of USB interface, both the input sockets and toggle switch are located on the rear panel to keep the front panel as clean as the T20.
Input selection is electronically executed by a relay.
Discount Code: KingRex15
KingRex PSU MKii
The Kingrex PSU MKii is an upgrade Linear power supply for the UD384 USB Dac. This upgrade power option adds another level of detail and resolution to the Dac.
The Kingrex PSU MKii power supply unit is available in a Variety of output voltages. Such as 12V, 9V, 7.5V, 5V. The 7.5v for use with the KingRex UD384 and & UC384. Other versions can be special ordered.
The 5V version can power the Calyx DAC 24/192, Squeezebox Touch, Onkyo ND-S1 iPod Transport, etc.
The 9V version would power a Squeezebox receiver Squeezebox Classic/Duet, M2Tech EVO (7~11V)
The 13V version can power the KingRex T20U, Acoustic Revive RR-77, Nuforce icon, Wadia 170i /171i, TC Electronic Konnekt, 8 Nuforce icon II, Chordette Toucan, Squeeze box boom, ECHO AUDIOFIRE,4 Nuforce HDP, My audio X-02, Cambridge DAC magic, Simaudio Moon 110 LP and Musical Fidelity Vdac mk2 DAC
Inside the PSU Mk2 there's a 48VA toroidal transformer, a regulated power-stabilizing circuit with 8 capacitors, 5 x 2200μF at AC input stage and 3 x 4700uF at DC outputstage. 6N Furukawa PCOCC wiring through out. The unit has a 3 pin Neutrik DC connection on the PSU side to DC jack (electronic side). The included DC jack is a5mm external, 2mm internal type
The switching power adaptor is the most convenient and common power source however it is not a good selection for the music connoisseur who prefers sonic performance over convenience as it has the most noise and distribution due to the high-frequency switching and harmonics in its design. The linear power supply is a better choice for audiophiles. It has less noise and distortion than the switching power adaptor, however, during the AC to DC conversion and rectification process, there is still minute amounts of unavoidable noise and distortion. That’s because the AC power is required to traverse significant circuitry such as transformer, diodes, voltage regulators, and other components.
Discount Code: KingRex15
KingRex UC384 USB Digital to Digital Converter
The new KingRex UC384 is by far the best value in the USB to S/PDIF Digital to Digital Converter (Audio Interface) category
It has the ability to decode via USB not only bit rates up to 24bit and sample rates up to 192kHz
Also, soon via a driver update, 32bit/352.8kHz will be available on the KingRex UC384. All that for $295! Amazing!
If your Dac or Hometheater Reciever is lacking a USB input or your Dac's USB input does not offer higher resolution input, the UC384 is the perfect solution.
Can also be used in unison with an Apple Camera Connection kit to connect to your Apple iPad.
KingRex UC384 USB to S/PDIF Digital to Digital Converter (Audio Interface) is a high-quality computer transport interface for those wishing to stream high-resolution playbacks to an existing DAC. The UC384 can transfer from Windows, Linux, and Mac at 16bit/44.1KHz to 32bit/384KHz through IIS output; 16bit/44.1Khz to 24bit/192Khz by SP/DIF output. The master clock generator is a classy 1ppm TXCO unit . Direct Sound, ASIO4ALL, and WASAPI are all supported and run smoothly. The UC384 is housed in an oval cross-section aluminum case with black hairbrush polish. The measurement is 88*82*24mm. UC384 can direct connect with Mac & Linux w/o driver needed with a data transfer rate of 480Mbits flawless audio is achieved with native drivers. Only Windows OS enclosed reserved lower jitter driver which could also direct support USB 3.0(data transfer rate of 480Mbits by USB2.0 standard). An external 7.5V power supply is provided.
We recommend using Foobar or JRiver Media Center software with the UD384. The UD384 will come with both drives for Windows and Mac on a USB key. Kingrex also provides a few smaples of music in different resolutions to compare. Suggested media player plug-ins: Windows XP - foobar 2000 + ASIO4ALL; Windows Vista/ Win 7- foobar 2000+WASAPI; MAC - iTunes + Pure Music or Amarra. Please note that the UD384 cannot accept 352.8kHz playback. We suggest you try 24/192 first. Kingrex is working with to get native 32bit/384kHz playback. Software updates are provide for future resolution upgrades. We will post upgrades on this page as they become available.
Also available for the UC384 are 2 upgrade power supply options. The Upower and the PSU MKii. These add another level of transparency and resolution.
Discount Code: KingRex15
KingRex U Power
The Kingrex U Power offers the end user a way to isolate the Kingrex UD384 USB Dac from noisy & dirty AC power sources. It is a battery power supply used to power the UD384 with pure DC power.
Two output :
2.5mm DC jacket: 7.5V DC output
USB A :5V DC output(through linear regulator)
Major component: High quality Sanyo Li-ion battery.
Power volume: 2600mA/hr. Included special design for isolated protect circuitry for two Li-ion batteries.
Using fully high quality aluminum for styling & cooling.
Low battery indicator design for charging reminding.
CHG/DC out switch. Fully isolated the charging and discharging. It will free the AC noise from the charger.
Parallel charging- each cell could charge to its maximum by the design.
A charge/discharge toggle switch that fully separates the charging and discharging circuits.This prevents any external noise interference from the AC charger or wall outlet when it isused for discharging as well as ensuring a pure and interference free DC output.
A constant current source based charging circuit that ensures the charging current is within the acceptable level for the battery for a significantly extended battery life.
Independent charging/discharging protection circuit board on the of battery cell to protecteach cell of the battery against damage caused by over charging and discharging. Short circuit protection is included.
Independent charging and discharging indicators for a clear display of the status of yourUPOWER: charging, charging completed, in use, and power low (lower than 10% of totalcapacity).
A robust and stylish aluminum casing that not only protects the internal PCB and batterycells but also has an excellent cooling function.
Uses the industry leading Sanyo 18650 Lithium-ion cells with up to 2600 maH capacity and a lifetime of 500 charging cycles.
Two outputs of different voltage. One of 7.5V for Kingrex series devices and the other of 5V with a USB connector for any mobile device with a USB charging port including: mobile phones, MP3 players, earphone amp, PDAs and the like.
Discount Code: KingRex15
KingRex uArt S USB Cable
KingRex has designed a new series of USB cables.
The KingRex uArt S USB Cable is an entry level straight USB Cable.
Discount Code: KingRex15
KingRex uArt Y USB Cable
Power separated USB Cable- Only Purity No Noise
HiEnd USB design, sounds TRUE from the very beginning
We at Kingrex always strive to bring you something a bit more special, using our expertise and knowledge we applied our craft when designing these new USB cables simply because in traditional Kingrex fashion we wanted to bring you the best we could offer.
Our USB cables feature these two important performance enhancing features.
² Signal/power separation
² Cryogenic treatment.
By including these two extra important ingredients in our new USB cables, Kingrex have once again been able to offer you a product that not only looks stunning but it has the sound quality to match.
The Unstoppable trend- USB HiEnd
The USB DAC device should be the most popular choice for most of users as it has two advantages that no one would deny. 1. Convenience – As almost everyone’s PC or Mac should have the USB port, using USB DAC will be very easy for all PC users. 2. Cut off the noise – The most reason for audiophile reject using the computer as source because it might have ripple, noise, high frequency radiation, jitter, and unstable power voltage output. All these problem will cause music with noise and unclear background none of these could be endured. As the USB DAC is external device, it will decrease the affection from the PC substantially. No loss or no distortion is the most important thing while signal transition. The USB cable will play very important role when signal transition.




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