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I have used a basic belkin surge protector (about $25) for a couple of years without any problems. I have read that direct into wall helps with power but after trying one night I didn't notice any improvement so I just play it safe. I gave up trying to find a definitive answer to this question after many hours on google which makes me think it's a non issue.
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Originally Posted by Cobaltius View Post

Okay one question do you prefer the Asgard 2 power cable being plugged in from a power brick or from an outlet from the wall?

I have been plugging all of my audio equipment into UPS units that have "TRUE SINE WAVE" power signatures.  Combo of Eaton and APC.


For my smaller power-draw devices:  Eaton 5125 "1500" Technical Specifications here: http://www.powerprosinc.com/Eaton-5125/


For my larger power-draw devices: APC SUA2200XL Technical Specifications here: http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=SUA2200XL


My ASGARD 2, Home Theater PC (Foobar 2000 or JRiver 20 Media Center software), and DAC run off the Eaton

The HD Television (Major reason why you MUST use a true "SINE WAVE" UPS otherwise you may get dangerous "power pulses" when running off battery power!) and surround sound setup all run off of one of our APC SUA2200XL chassis behind the Entertainment wall.


To be clear, in both our old apartment, and now in our house, we have never experienced power issues or noise/interference from power contamination with this setup.

Before we had it, we lost a lot of equipment to a power surge from a lightning strike, so I will never allow our high-end gear to be plugged directly into a wall socket again.  Its' a PAIN and large cost to replace all of it.  Large enough that it justified putting commercial-grade UPSes in place.  Expensive?  Yes.  But still cheaper to own than risking immediate or long-term intermittent damage troubleshooting headaches from a power spike.  And after we lost lost power for 3 days after last year's hurricane, it was AWESOME being able to run our bare essentials for all three days and have small lamps powered at night!  (Didn't have a generator when we were still in the apartment last year.)


Can you get away with a $1-200 UPS?  Sure.  But if you spend north of $500 on headphones, and north of 10 thousand dollars on your HiFi and Television setup, it seems as silly to me as cutting corners on the protector case for your new $300 + dollar smart phone to save $20-30 on a case that might not protect it from a fall from your coat pocket...  Not to mention that it becomes less likely that will get CLEAN PURE SINE power with very low harmonic distortion, no static or humming noise in that price range.  But more power to you if you find a deal!


Ken N.

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By the way, I bolded the "WHEN RUNNING OFF BATTERY POWER" because someone might buy a plain UPS, plug it all up and everything will work fine.  The problem will not show itself until you make the UPS operate under load from its INTERNAL BATTERY.  Then you will likely witness a problem if it is going to happen.  So many have argued that you don't need a true sine wave UPS because their setup "works perfectly" for them.  Problem is: They don't notice the problem until the power goes out for the first time....  Then it's too late.


If you want to try a Belkin, Cyberpower, or other basic UPS, just make sure that you TEST IT under load by unplugging the UPS from the wall or cutting a circuit breaker while your devices are running normally.  That's the best way that I've been able to tell if


A:  The UPS is able to handle the load

B:  The power supplied will be "clean" with no noise or noticeable distortion

C:  The UPS will run for a sufficient length of time  (TVs and amps draw LOTS of power for a UPS designed for a simple PC or laptop...)


Our setup with extended batteries in our media closet adding to the main UPS capacities give us 8 to 12 hours of continuous use.  More than enough to last us 3 or 4 days if we ration power during a prolonged blackout even with recharging our phones and devices and leaving small, high efficiency lamps running when it gets dark.


Long story-short:  If you buy a UPS, charge it up overnight, put it under load un plugged from the wall and test if it will perform the WAY you want, FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT.


If it doesn't make sure that you buy from a seller who will let you return, or at least trade-up to a grade of UPS that will.  Be prepared to spend money to protect your expensive investments. It may cost you MUCH MORE money and aggravation if you don't.

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