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Ipod repair

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Alight, so I have a bit of a major problem on my hands at the moment.

I've been looking for about a year now for some place I could get my ipod repaired, preferably without getting all of my music deleted if possible.

Can anyone lend a hand and suggest a place? My problem is though I've found a few supposed ipod repair places, some of them look a bit sketchy, and have had handful of negative reviews.

Any information would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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You can buy replacement parts for many iPods - hard drives, circuit boards, displays, etc. They're not that difficult to take apart, and there are numerous online how-to's.


What exactly is wrong with your iPod?

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I'd suggest the DIY route, as well.  Check out iFixit.  They have all the guides and tools you'd ever need.  It's where I go whenever I need to take something apart, and they've never led me astray.

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The reason all the repairers have negative feedback is likely that it is very hard to get the case open without damaging it. I'd suggest going the iFixit route as well. If it is just a problem such as a dead battery, it's more fiddly than anything. If the HD itself is dead, then your music is gone.

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I have a ipod that I want to replace my scratched up rear case, can anyone recommend me a online site where I can get a replacement?

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