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ATH AD2000X vs. SRH1840

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I'm looking for a second set of headsets to complement my HE-400s, driven by a Fostex HP-A7, and am trying to decide between the new Audio-Technica AD2000X and the Shure 1840.  Mostly I listen to classical and jazz, but also a fair amount of vocals, male and female.  Am looking for versatility, but basically good mid-range and neutrality.  I have some store credit in Tokyo, so I can get a good price on either.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance-- 

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if AD2000X is anything like AD2K, it is a very fast headphone... that much i can tell you.

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Shure 1840......mids and detail 

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Thanks for the 2 replies--in the end, a windfall of store credit took me to the HD700s, but am still curious about both headphones which run about US$550 in Tokyo,  The 1840s are just priced lower here, and the AD2000X just dropped in price.  I'm broke now, but still keeping an eye on both.  The 1840s were incredibly comfortable, and sounded nice in the limited chances I had to listen.

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Don't know about 1840, but AD2000X has very attractive female vocal, I was listening to AD1000X in a headphone shop and started to wonder how good the flagship would sound, and AD2000X indeed sounded like a straight upgrade to AD1000X, I was listening to "Only Winter" by Halie Loren ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmmxnryVRhc ) and I was really immersed into her lively voice.


Sorry that I am not good at describing sound. I think it's definitely safer for you to do an audition yourself.

I was surprised that AD2000X was very easy to drive, I connected it directly to my DAP S:Flo 2, I knew it could have a much better performance if I had paired it with a good amp but the sound it produced through the phone out of my S:Flo 2 was already a brand new music experience to me.

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I'm eyeing the 2000x
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I've owned both, but never compared them directly. The SRH1840 is more comfortable for sure, but the AD2000X is the better sounding of the two. Maybe because I prefer a more engaging sound, and the shure's are more laid back. Both are still overpriced @ $500 (but then, so is the HD700 IMO).

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I have the HD700.  It's worth every penny.

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Not to derail the thread, but the HD700's peaky treble kills it for me. :p I've whined quite a bit in the HD700 thread so I'll stop now. Though if it didn't have the spikes I think I would prefer it the most of the three headphones mentioned here.

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Any additional feedback on the AD2000X?, contemplating a pair to add to my collection.
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