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For Sale: FS - 12AU7 Starving Student (sold)

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For Sale:
FS - 12AU7 Starving Student (sold)

Will Ship To: US

This amp started out as a Whiplash Mini Millet that used 19j6 tubes. It was modified with the correct resistor changes, larger heatsinks, and proper tube sockets. Most 12A_7 tubes and their variants can be used with it. 
Condition - good; there is a small scratch on the back of the amp, and the heatsinks look a little bit rough (they came that way out of the box). Functionally it works great. I've had the amp powered on for several hundred hours since the 12A_7 modification and it hasn't given me any problems. 
Included - Power brick, 3 pairs of tubes (2 pairs RCA 12AU7 clear tops, 1 pair RCA 5963)
Price - $99 shipped within the US, includes Paypal fees.
Feel free to drop me a PM anytime if you have any questions or concerns
edit 2/12 - added pics of internals
edit 2/15 - Sale pending, amp is on hold

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oooh nice nice... I have an indeed G3 with EH 6992... what brand of those 12Ua7's

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