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Old Headphones from years gone past

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I was searching ebay and I came upon many old headphones that looked, well you really need to see them for yourself. Also how many people here had any of these at one point? There were more than just these, but, I thought the ones posted here looked the best. Oh and btw, I of course have nothing at all to do with these auctions, I just thought the headphones looked neat. I have included the addy, just in case anyone here wants to buy them. Enjoy!

Realistic mono headphones like new in box.


KOSS K-6 Stereo Pro Headphones


Telex Brand new in box headphones model 820-2


Stanton Dynaphase Fifty headphones


XXI Stanton Headphones Super Slim


(btw, those XXI Stanton Headphones Super Slim look a lot like my 1st pair of hi-fi headphones, way back when)

two pair of pristine vintage Pioneer SE-L40 stereo headphones

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Very nice, KR......thank you. I particularly like the Stanton Super Slims and the Pioneer SE-L40. Must be the aluminum.
BTW......jude, if you read this, you HAVE to change KR's identification to "Resident Headphone Historian."
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Hey Joe, stay away! Those were the ones I liked too.


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Don't worry, Acid, my addiction is pretty much under control...........for now!

BTW, those Pioneers remind me of an outfit that Madonna wore a number of years ago.
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LOL! I'm pretty sure the Telex cans are the ones I used in grade school to listen to the soundtrack to slidestrips.

"Advance the slidestrip when you hear this tone."
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joelongwood: She wore those phones a little lower than usual I think.
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So mbriant, you're saying that she wore cans upon cans... I'm impressed!
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The headphone I used to have look very much like the Stanton Super Slims, but the headband was made of leather.

One thing that I like about these pics, is the built quality of these cans. They just don't make them like that used to. There are only a handful of headphones made today that have this level of built quality : Grado RS-1, Alessandro/Grado MSP, Sony MDR-R10, Stax SR-007, and Sennheiser HE-90.
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dhwilkin: While we're on the subject, there was an extremely cheesy magazine ad, by Sennheiser I think, which ran in Canada back in the late 70's / early 80's which featured an extremely well endowed young lady, wearing headphones and a tee-shirt that read, "Get your head between a pair. "

Ahhhhh. Those were the good old politically incorrect days.

It also brings back memories of a certain Japanese produced Aiwa promotional wall clock which hung in the Montreal office lobby of Shriro Canada, the Canadian distibutor of Aiwa. It featured a photo of a stunning young blonde woman, naked from the waist up, wearing only a pair of Aiwa phones.

I was sitting in that lobby one day, waiting to meet with Shriro's president, Abe Ulaine, when a very elderly couple came in. The old gentleman sat down beside me while his wife took the seat directly below the naked blonde Aiwa clock. While the old guy and myself made some light conversation, I couldn't stop looking over at his grandmotherly wife sitting prim and proper, hands on her lap, with that topless photo directly above her head.

I found out later that the old gentleman was Mr. Steinberg, now deceased billionaire owner of a huge national grocery chain in Canada. He and his wife had dropped in to visit Abe...... to get a wholesale deal on an Aiwa clock radio.
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The old guy

One of the disadvantages of being the "old guy" around here is that I've actually heard all of the headphones listed, except for the Telex ones. An observation on the Telex: Note that they (too) are mono (only two conductors in the plug).

A secret: as fun as all of those headphones are to look at, they all sound PITIFUL in comparison to most of the more modern 'phones discussed here! Headphones really have improved TREMENDOUSLY (with a few notable exceptions) --
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I found an old pair of stax cans.

The cans are SR-X Mark3

The amp is a SRD-7

How would these compare today?

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i have those pioneers (or somthing very close to them)...

They sound pretty different from every other headphone i've heard- they have an incredibly warm midrange, but everything else is a bit muddy, but gets a little better with an amp. They have surprising detail and bass, but it is all shadowed by the midrange...

It sounds very similar to the descriptions of high end Japanese audio technicia headphones (new) and even have VERY similar drivers...

Build quality is great, with lots of aluminum, but the cloth-covered foam supra-auraul earpads aren't very comfortable and make the sound muddy....

edit-damn, mine are only the SE-L20...
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Originally posted by bootman
I found an old pair of stax cans.

The cans are SR-X Mark3
The amp is a SRD-7

How would these compare today?
Wow, those are my dear friends! And, yes, they still sound good. I replaced them in my office with Grado SR-60s. I did so because I was afraid the antique Staxes'd break, rather than sound worse...

At home, I replaced those with Stax Lambda Pro's, circa 1985. The Lambdas were more detailed (but edgier, too!), and seemed profound in the bass, although a lot of that was the amp that drove the Lambdas...it drove the SR-X to fine bass also. But, at the time the Lambda Pros and amp were It...

As (much) time went by, the X's proved less frail than the Lambda Pros. I still have them in working order, while the Pros needed several repairs, and finally(?) died early in the 90's, at the same time that Stax got (temporarily?) out of the business.

Since I still have all the pieces, including the ED-1 diffuse field filter, I'd like to fix the Pros...if it were easy. But I've grown fonder of Senn 600s & Grado 325s....although, the number of repairs so far on the Senn's cable is reminiscent of the Lambda frailty...8-|.
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