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For Sale:
Brand New Tips - Comply, Shure, Monster

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Over the course of my IEM journeys, I've accumulated a number of tips, some of which have still stayed unused. Since I'm not using IEMs much these days (moved on to full size headphones), I've decided to sell these. The complys have been taken out of the cardboard packaging, but are in the original plastic box and have never been used. Same for the shures. The following tips are featured:

1. Comply Canal Tips P (the longer, tapered cylinder kind) Standard - $7

2. Comply T-100 - Large - $7

3. Shure Olives - Medium - $7

4. Monster Gel Supertips - SML pack - $7     Sold

5. Monster Foam Supertips - SML pack - $7   Sold

6. (Not Pictured) Monster Silicone pack including the triflange tips SML pack- $7    Sold

The prices are paypal and shipping inclusive.

Edit: Price Drop.

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