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Headphone cable tutorial?

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I've wanted to make some headphone cable using te double helix nucleotide wire. However I can't seem to find and instructions on how to. Can you guys help me?
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You might want to give this a good read: http://www.chimeralabs.com/diy_braid.html


  • Start off with the braid. 3-4 Conductor, flat or round, your choice.
  • Hold the ends from coming apart with duct tape.
  • If you're making a cable like the AKG, braid all the way till the end, if you're making a cable like the HIFIMAN/Audeze, stop when you have about a foot left.
  • Cross the 4 wires, and create two wires coming out from each side, very much like a Y.
  • Twist the two, each side, for about a inch.
  • Slide over your choice of Y-Splitter (Wooden, Heat-shrink, or Viablue SC2)
  • Put sleeving over the wires (1/8" for thin wires, i recommend even smaller for 26AWG)
  • Heat-shrink where the sleeving comes to an intersection at the Y-Split.(You might want to use adhesives for stronger future bonding)
  • Slide the end cap of the 1/4" or 1/8" to the 3-4 wire side of the cable along with the Headphone's end cap.
  • Slide heat shrinks through wire before soldering, as you'll need to for the finishing job, and if you already have it soldered and then want to use the heat-shrink, too late for that.
  • Strip wire, and solder to plugs and connectors.
  • Use the heat-shrink to shrink the joints behind the connector/plugs. This will make it a little more durable.
  • Slide the end cap over.


You'll find better ways to make a cable, do's and don'ts, as you get future into DIY, so that's all on you.


Good luck.



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i know theres a huge diy cable gallery thread. but is there a tutorial the learn thr basics of headphone cables anywhere?

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Making cables is one of the easiest DIY things you can do in audio, but there's no way to provide step-by-step instructions for recabling everything because of all the different headphones, plugs, and types of wire available. If you're modding a Grado, you're in luck because the construction is pretty consistent across models and the modding scene is vigorous. Chances are pretty good that whatever you want to do has already been done and extensively documented. On the other hand, if you're recabling something less popular with modders, you're probably on your own.


If you're recabling a headphone that uses a socketed cord (like the K702, HD 600, TMA-1, and so on), you don't have to worry about opening up the headphone itself to get at the wires. Otherwise...



If you've never soldered before, it's a good idea to learn how to do that before you go at your headphones. There are a variety of good tutorial videos out there; watch a couple of them. Try building something simple that you'll have a use for, like a headphone extension cord or some interconnects. Use affordable wire and parts for your first project. The cheaper plugs are frequently easier to build with than more expensive ones. If you end up with something that works but it wasn't your final goal, you can usually sell it off for the cost of parts and get your money back for your intended projects. If you end up ruining plugs and wires, you've lost a whole lot less money.


The DIY cable FAQ is available as a reference. Near the bottom is a list of items you'll need before you can safely solder anything cable-related.

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